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BB Wolf Update!

Hey all!

Thrilled to report that we JUST got the first batch of copies of the new book, BB WOLF AND THE 3 L.P.S sent to us the other day and they look SUH-WEET!!! They are not in stores yet but I am told that they will be very soon...which also means that they will be available on this here site VERY SOON!

I really have to comment on just how pleased I am with the overall quality of this book. Not only a beautiful hard cover but also with a nice inset centered picture of the photo of BB that's "glossed" for effect! The binding is also superb and the quality of the interior paper and printing made me wanna cry...tears of JOY not pain! I read the book 1,000 times as I was working on the illustrations but to finally have it in book form...completely different and completely fulfilling experience. I, personally, couldn't be more proud of myself and JD (especially since it's his debut book!) for the fine book we've produced. And, of course we couldn't have done it without the extra help put in by Troy Geddes (cover designer), my buddy CJ Bettin who put in a helluva lotta work on the lettering, and the folks over at Top Shelf for making sure the book turned out so nice!

And all for a mere $12.95 cover price! And I'm not being glib here...I was honestly SHOCKED that a hard cover book of this quality could be priced so reasonably. Shocked and delighted as this will make it that much more accessible to the fans. $12.95!

I will also be posting BB Wolf original pages very, very soon. I realize you haven't had a chance to see them yet but it's probably my finest work to date. Every page was fully painted with varying tones of india ink. I've been holding back on selling any pages until we were closer to the release of the book. So look for that soon as well.

A'ight, that's about it for now. Stella's last day of school tomorrow and then I start girding my loins for all the big summer cons!



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