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Whew! I've finally had a moment to catch my breath, catch up on work that's been piling up, and post some BB Wolf original pages on the website. YES, you can now nab some BB original art from the graphic novel right here on this here site! I'll be posting more in the weeks to come but, so far, I've got 13 pages up and they're some dandies. (See above!)

All pages are ink-washed paintings on 11" x 14" bristol board and will be signed by yours truly and shipped FREE!!! Just cuz I'm so nice!

And I can promise you that as good as the pages looked in print, or posted on the website, they look a heckuva lot better up close and personal.

Also, if you have a favorite page from the book but don't see it posted on the site, just shoot me an email and ask if I've still got it. I may have it available but just haven't posted it yet.

A'ight, start shopping!



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