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Hey all! It is with great pride that I report the news that the prestigious COMIC BOOK RESOURCES has listed BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS as one of their Top 100 books of 2010! We even cracked the Top 50 nabbing the 47th spot on the list! And checking over the rankings I've gotta say I'm quite proud because there's some really fantastic books on this list.

JD and I would like to thank everyone who bought, read and spread the word about the book. And also thank the fine folks over at CBR! They've always been kind to me in the past and work very hard and take their jobs very seriously giving fans of the industry excellent insight, views and news about our beloved hobby.

Here's the link to check out the list. I'm guessing that if you're reading this you've already got a copy of BB and don't need any more pimping by me but I really think you ought to peruse the other selections and make sure to go out and pick up a few of them.



P.S. Next blog I'm goona do my "best and worst" of 2010. Yep, Favre's on the list! I'm gonna let you sweat wondering if he's in the "best" or "worst" category! Right!

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