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I got nuthin...

It occurred to me today that I hadn't blogged in awhile. Then it occurred to me that I had a lot to chime in on about but nothing that anyone would probably want to hear. Or that it might offend. And these days I just can't afford to offend anyone. Y'know, burning bridges and i shall refrain from blogging anything too controversial.

Okay, like, for instance I could've chimed in on something like this...

Glad Gadaffi got whacked today. Yep, some of you would cringe and say, "No human being should be executed. No one has the right to––" where I would then cut you off in my mind and say "Shut up. Screw you. He was evil scum breathing good human's air. A cancer, and what do we do with cancer?...we cut it out!" So there. See, if I were to have blogged this I probably would've pissed some of you off.


My Brewers lost in the NLCS to the Cardinals. Sucks. I am sick of the small market teams having almost NO chance of ever winning a World series in today's economic set up in pro baseball. To which 20+ million NY Yankees fans will actually argue "that they're playing within the rules and doing nothing wrong. It's fair." To which I would then say, "Suck it! You're a-holes and you know it." See, I win, obviously, but those comments could potentially offend.

Or pose a question like the following...

"Why in the HELL does Hollywood keep paying Adam Sandler sick amounts of money to shit out the crappiest movies ever made? And WHY IN THE HELL DO SO MANY IDIOT PEOPLE KEEP PAYING GOOD MONEY TO GO SEE THEM?" I might have blogged that question after seeing the latest trailer for his latest movie Jack and Jill where he plays a set of twins; a man and his sister. It (of course) looks absolutely asinine (as do all his movies) and yet it will go on to make all kinds of money as the sheep pay to see it.

See, if I were to actually voice this opinion it could offend some of our population with lower IQs and I wouldn't want to be perceived as being insensitive to the mentally challenged. So I won't blog about how I think all of Adam Sandler's movies suck.

Nor will I rag more about how the Chinese are effed up beyond repair after seeing the disgusting video of a 2-year-old girl being run over (twice) within 8 minutes and how dozens of passersby saw, yet chose to ignore her as she lay there in the street dying. No, I shall refrain from condemning these apathetic monsters because some of you will, no doubt, stand up for them and blame the government (theirs or ours). To which I would probably say something like, "I hope your next trip is to China and you get run over."

Nope, not gonna rant about these things that have been nagging at me lately.

Like I said in the title, "I got nuthin'" to say today so I shall refrain.



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