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Yep, still riding high from the big SuperBowl victory for the Packers in case anyone's wondering. Kudos to the Pack, their fantastic management, the coaches and Aaron Rodgers for persevering through all the QB tumult the past 5-6 years. I would hope that this forever puts to rest the big controversy/debate over letting a certain someone "retire" a few years back. Looks like it turned out for the best, eh?

Okay, now that that's done I have some rather exciting news regarding BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS. We (meaning the book and me and JD, the creators) have just found out that we've been nominated for four GLYPH Awards! We're up for the following categories..."Story Of The Year" "Best Writer" "Best Artist" and "Best Male Character." Very, very cool. And for those of you unfamiliar with the Glyph Awards, the Glyphs recognize achievement for creators and books that significantly represent African American culture in some way.

So JD and I and Top Shelf are very honored by these nominations. The awards will be handed out May 20th in Philadelphia, PA.

We're also asking anyone out there to please consider BB Wolf, JD and myself when you're filling out/voting for this year's HARVEY AWARDS and the EAGLE AWARDS. And, fingers crossed, we're hoping for some EISNER and IGNATZ nods as well. More often than not these books we do are labors of love...there usually isn't great monetary reward in the book business so when we are recognized with award nominations from our peers like this it really does feel nice.

As our publisher Chris Staros said some time back, we do it "FOR THE GLORY!!!"

In other pretty cool news...My graphic novel, THREE FINGERS, just inked a deal with a publisher in Poland! Very cool. Always a nice little "feather in the cap" when a foreign edition comes out.

In other VERY cool news...Daughter Stella has finally conquered the two-wheel bicycle! Three 20 minute sessions over three days and she's riding around like Lance Armstrong! Another proud Papa moment.



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