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First of all I have been asked by a few readers if I will be attending this year's WONDERCON in San Francisco April 1-3 at the Moscone Center. YES! And if you have not seen my name posted in their releases it is because I will be running the Top Shelf Booth this year with sidekick JD Arnold. Chris and Brett were not planning on doing the show this year but we convinced/cajoled them into letting US run it for them since we're relatively close by. AND THEY AGREED!!!! HA HA HA...

Man, the deals we will be cutting! The POWER!

So stop by at WonderCon and take advantage of those ridiculous deals we'll be slinging.

In other news...

Daughter Stella celebrated her 9th birthday this past week. She is still as awesome as ever...perhaps even awesomer. 'Course it reminds me, once again, that I'm getting older and slower...that and the fact that my neck, back, hip and shoulder always hurt. But whatever, she's the only medicine I need to make all those nagging annoyances be forgotten.

In other news...

JUSTIFIED is back on tv so I finally have something to watch again. It hasn't been as good as it's Freshman season (we're hoping it's just the typical "Sophomore slump") but there have been moments of greatness so we're not giving up yet. Our biggest beef is that all-of-a-sudden Raylan's letting the dimwit hillbilly thugs get the drop on him! That's the whole "thing" that made Raylan so damn cool!... He had that inane sixth sense for those things and NO ON ever got the drop on him. In 4 episodes it's already happened 2-3 times! WTF?!!!

Saw RANGO and was disappointed. Took 9 kids for Stella's birthday party and for the most part they seemed bored. For the most part I WAS BORED. There was a few too many "weird Happy Feet" type of segments that should have been left on the editing floor. Disjointed story, unintelligible accents, and just not enough funny parts. C-

And finally...

Been hard at work pimping several of my books to the fine folks down in HollywoodLand. My manager, Ms. Dannie Festa, has been working very hard setting up meetings with many networks and studios. I had the fortune of going down to LA for a week and participating in the pitch meetings for The 3 Geeks. Lemme tell you folks, I know they're speaking English cuz I understand the words if you take them and analyze them individually, but as a whole...when they string them together in a sentence?... Not so much. I mean I even understand the sentences--I'm not a buffoon--but the sentences make no sense. It was an emotional roller coaster I'll never forget. I'm seriously contemplating writing my own "Fortune And Glory" comic akin the one Bendis did several years ago.

Anyway, things are a happenin' down there whether I completely understand the process or not. So hopefully I have some rather delightful news to share soon and all those first printings, NM condition books you've got mylared up will be worth a friggin' fortune.

Thassit for this week. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead (see, entertaining AND informative!),



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