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Greetings comrades! A hale and hearty hello! It doth bringst me great joy to announce to thou allst that the THOR film production were't, indeed, Mighty and didst shine ever-so-brightly as doth the mighty Rainbow Bridge itself!

In other words I really, really liked it a lot. Although it did not rank quite as highly as, say, IRON MAN or THE DARK KNIGHT it came pretty darn close! A very, very solid B to B+. As a Thor aficianado I may have been too close to the subject and possibly over-scrutinized certain elements of the adaptation...The Destroyer for instance... I'm NOT going to spoil anything here but let's just say that anyone who knows the comics knows that that part of the film could have had much more gravitas had they stayed true to the comic (you comic geeks know of which I speak and I doth speak right, By the All-Father's eyepatch!)!

A minor quibble though as, overall, they did a spectacular job with just about everything else. And the casting was superb as well. I cannot wait for all these Marvel Movies ultimate payoff when The Avengers finally hits! I believe we have Captain America next and then we'll get The Avengers at last. Really looking forward that that as The Avengers is probably my all-time favorite comic book series. Top 2 or 3 at the very least.

So go and check it out True Believers! And I'm still waiting on my royalty checks as, as you can plainly see, they've been plastering my visage all over Odin's green earth and haven't sent me a penny!

In other news!... FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) was a total blast down at Comicopolis in downtown Santa Cruz, CA! The turn out was fantastic, the people were enthused, the sales at Troy and JD's shop also reflected the overall enthusiasm and I sketched like a madman! I did $1 sketches for the customers and they took FULL advantage lemme tell you.

Anyway, it was a fun event and I can't wait to do it again next year. Kudos to Joe Field for spearheading this nationwide idea/event in the first place, what?...Ten years ago now? Wow!



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