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Yep, proud Daddy time again, folks! First, Stella brought me to tears by standing up to a classmate when that classmate was making very insensitive comments about a Special Needs child at their school. After Stella commented on how nice the Special Needs girls' outfit was that day her classmate called the Special Needs student a very insensitive name. Stella proceeded to tell her that what she said was "mean and cruel" and that people shouldn't say things about others like that! She stood up to the bully even though the bully is much bigger than her. Pretty mature response for a 9-year-old I thought and I was very proud, indeed!

We were then told by her teacher last week that Stella is ranked Numero uno in the A.R. reading program at her school. This is a system for the kids where they can read a book then take a test to see how well their aptitude and retention is. The A.R. system scores you and also keeps track of how many books you've read all year and how many words. It's pretty amazing. Then, last weekend she ran in her "GIRLS ON THE RUN" 5K run and was a trooper! This was her first long distant run of any kind and we (I was her running buddy) finished in a very respectable time of 38 minutes. We had to walk a few times so she could catch her breath but those walks were brief and the attitude was top-notch! Over 2,500 runners participated!

Then, tonight we attended her school's choir recital. Stella's class sang three songs and they were terrific! Stella was very serious about the performance and really wanted to do her very best. I sat with video camera rolling the whole time, grinning ear-to-ear!

So, yeah, a lot of pride from this papa this month. This year, actually. Heck, her whole life really. She's truly my pride and joy.

In other news... I will be attending the BIG WOW! COMIC CONVENTION this weekend (May 21-22) in San Jose, CA. Mr JD Arnold and I (along with Jon "Bean" Hastings) will be manning a booth there so if you get a chance come on out and stop by. We'll be running ridiculous deals all weekend and I have a KILLER piece of art donated for the art auction! I might be bidding on it myself cuz I like it that much.

and... I am excited to announce that I am finally embarking on my next Graphic Novel! I can't say too much yet but this will be my first foray into a creator-owned super-hero story. So I am very excited. I've actually had this baby going on and off for a few years but things kept getting in the way of my starting it. But as of this week I am finally moving on it...and when I get a goin' it usually means full steam ahead. I'm anticipating having preview art at Comic-Con International so if you're there stop[ by the Top Shelf booth and I'll give you a peek.

OH!... forgot to mentuon that Stella also dug on the THOR movie so that definitely made me a very proud papa indeed!



Jason Asala's Gravatar Hey Rich (and Sandy), what a beautiful little girl you have there, both inside and out. Way to raise an awesome kid!
# Posted By Jason Asala | 6/1/11 8:46 PM
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