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Many thanks to those who recently purchased the original art (and other fine items) I had listed on eBay the past couple weeks. I had a window in my art schedule and realized I hadn't posted anything on good ole eBay in at least 2 years!!! So I posted a few goodies and VOILA! Success! That's the good news...the bad news is that it seems that every time a few bucks trickle in we get socked with roofs caving in, flooded basements, kidney stones or in this case a Dodge Grand Caravan that's taking a total dump on us. Shocks, shock housing, oxygen sensor and/or the cadilletic convertor(sp?) have all decided to go on the fritz simultaneously.

Good times.

So I guess I'll be "eBaying" a bit more over the next few weeks so go and take a gander at the goodies. I'll have more Archie and BB Wolf original art posted as well as comics and graphic novels and more dvd sets. My ebay user ID is "poo666" if you want to find my specific items and I'll have new ones starting tomorrow, June 21st! YES!

In other news...

XMen: First Class was great! The secondary characters were a bit flat but that was our only real gripe. Great story and Magneto and Prof X were both riveting. Highly recommended. Next up is Green Lantern.



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