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Hello True Believers!!! is THAT time again...the "girding of the loins" time for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con International. For those of you unfamiliar, SDCC is not just your typical Comic book convention. Nay, tis a mind-blowing event of truly epic proportions--comics, movies, toys, babes, booze and little bedrest. It's a 6 day exhausting affair and that's just if you're a fan! If you're actually working a booth you have to add mind-rending stress the likes of which you've never experienced! Sure we all have a great time at NIGHT when we're drunk off our gourds, but during the con we're fighting for our financial lives. It costs a ton to attend and set up and we need to make our nut.

Anyway, looking forward to the show and I hope those of you reading this will stop by and say hello. I will NOT be setting up in my usual Artists Alley spot this year. I have decided to just spend my time primarily at the Top Shelf booth and also do some signings at Archie's booth. AND...AND finally actually walk around and see some panels and buy some back issues! I have NOT walked the show floor in about 12 years to just BUY and ENJOY myself as a fan and this year, by CROM, I shall finally do so!

So gear up, gird those loins and get in line (it started three days ago) for the biggest, baddest con on the planet!!!

Excelsior! R

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