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Greetings and salutations!

A few quick notes as of this day, July 3rd, 2011.

First off, Happy 4th Of July/Independence Day to all my fellow Americans! Let's celebrate our freedom together as brothers and sisters of one great nation. Let's stop the petty bickerings amongst ourselves for one day and remember that Great Britain was the bad guy. Yeah, I know, we're great pals now, but for one day a year I think it's important to regurgitate our hatred and mistrust of them. That'll keep it real...keep us grounded, man! So if you see a Brit tomorrow, I'm not gonna suggest bodily harm or gratuitous violence certainly, but hurling a few nasty insults and possibly a little spittle directed at their shoes, all in the spirit of the day, would certainly be appropriate.

2nd item. SHE'S GUILTY! For crap's sake SHE'S GUILTY. Can we please (and by "we" I mean the jury) get this one right??? She's an evil, narcissistic bitch who, at the very least, killed her daughter by "accident" and attempted a ridiculous cover-up laden with dozens of obvious lies. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs an x-ray of their brain. CT scan..MRI...whatever for those of you who were about to shoot back some snarky comment like, "Um, yes, any educated person would know that an "x-ray" doesn't properly show actual brain content and it's capacity to...blah, blah, blah!"

To those snarky persons out there let me repeat...SHE'S GUILTY!!!!

3rd item. San Diego Comic-Con. Yeah, I know. I devoted last week's blog to the subject but it bears repeating, folks. SDCC is a comin' and we should all be girding our collective loins. Gear up and bear down cuz it's less than three weeks away! I will be hiding, er, I mean WORKING the Top Shelf Productions booth for most of the time I'm there so please come on by and say hello--and buy lots of my stuff while you're at it. And if you're a movie mogul type with deep pockets feel free to throw a few briefcases full my way. You won't be sorry, man...I'm tellin' ya. I'm a veritable font of ideas for pity's sake! My body of published work, to date, barely scratches the surface of the endless array of winning ideas I have socked away in my mind. So seriously, Movie guys, come on by and back this horse. Results guaranteed.

4th item. Movie moguls, see "Item 3."

5th item. While at SDCC I will be drinking like a sailor on shore leave. So if you see me out-and-about on the streets of downtown San Diego, Gaslamp District, odds are in your favor that I''ve filled my guts with high quantities of alcoholic imbibements. What does this have to do with you, you ask? It means that I'm probably gonna either a) be fast and loose with my money and buy YOU a drink or b) be out of my money and hit you up for one. Either way we both win so make sure to stop me on the streets and steer me to the closest drinking establishment...or if we're near the Hustler store or F-Street and you're a female and cute direct me there!!! Those two establishments are really great places for souvenirs.

6th item. How does a movie like "Walled In" get made? Yeesh, wasted an hour and a half of my life last night on that beaut! How??? Why???? Really??? Predictable? yes. Badly directed, edited, acted? Yes. And yet somebody ponied up a good chunk of change to make this stinker. Now, I shouldn't single out one unfortunate mistake like Walled In because, to be fair, we all know a LOT of bad movies are made and deserve equal vilification, but this one's fresh on my mind. This madness has to stop. With all of Hollywood's resources and talent they really should be capable of making more good movies. I'm not expecting a 100% success rate. That's impossible. But at least 50% should be good, right? And if you think I'm crazy suggesting that 50% is shooting high think again. More than half the movies made are terrible. To be completely fair I'd say it's closer to 90% that stink. Think about it...we only get a fraction of the movies produced screened at the local theaters. And of those most are mediocre to poor. Very few are what one should consider to be good or great. I'll end this rant here cuz I could go on and on for hours breaking it down. I'm just still mad about that damned awful movie last night is all.

I mean, was really bad.

7th item. Congrats to Milwaukee Brewers players Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks for making the All-Star game. I've had my problems with Weeks in years past as he'd never lived up to expectations but this year he's deserving of the nod. And Braun is just flat-out a baseball stud! He's Top 10 in the entire league and his future is bright white if he stays healthy. Future Hall Of Famer for sure. And Prince is also having another mind-blowing year! The Brewers are one of the things I miss most since the move.

8th item. I am now ending this blog.



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