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Yes, it just HAD to happen! Archie has, after all, crossed paths with the likes of The Punisher and the rock band KISS in recent years (months) so one must assume he'd eventually cross paths with the President of the United States and former Governor of Alaska. I mean, c'mon.

I am proud to offer this JUMBO oversized trade paperback collection of the limited comic book series here on the website. I inked the story so I can now add "working with the President" to my resume! "Oh yeah, and BTW the former Governor of Alaska."

So the story unfolds like this... Politics run awry at Riverdale High during the latest student council elections. So, natch, the President and Governor stop on by to help smooth things over and lend some sound political insight. I'm sure they do this all the time at high schools across America.

So check out the website where I just posted it. As always I will autograph all purchases and ship any order over $10 for free in the continental US of A!

In other cool news...

Writer/pal/former cookie maker JD Arnold and I were just informed that a high school (no not an Archie/President/Governor connection) up in Oregon will be using BB Wolf and the Three LPs in their 11th and 12th grade English Lit classes as a teaching aide! The English teacher felt that our book was not only an entertaining read, but also had underlying themes and messages beneficial to their curriculum. Needless to say we were both delighted and honored by this news. I can now add "shaping the minds of America's youth" to my resume!


The Green Bay Packers are my favorite football team. Some of you know this. I grew up in Wisconsin where most citizens cherish (some worship) the beloved Packers. I enjoy the fact that they are not only a superb team steeped in tradition but also the fact that they are owned by the people and play in a town (not CITY) that by all rights should not be able to sustain a professional team. There's simply not a large enough population. And yet they do and the team thrives. I will, of course, be watching them this Sunday in the playoffs and rooting for them. But what a horrible shock to hear the news the other day of the drowning death of the Offensive Coordinator's 21 year old son. How incredibly sad. I can't even begin to imagine how sad the family is--and by "family" I mean the Philbin family, the entire Packer's team and town of Green Bay and for that matter state of WI. And yet they will play on. With heavy hearts, I'm certain, but they will play. As a fan I hope they can overcome their sadness for those few hours and win the game and honor the Philbin family with the victory and, hopefully, bring them a little bit of joy during this terrible time.

I don't mean to make light of the situation at all, trust me. Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one. That entire family could just use a little bit of good news right now is all I'm saying.

And finally...

JUSTIFIED is finally back on the air next week! Yes!... because other than Football (GO PACK!) and Sportscenter there is nothing on tv that we watch anymore. Nada. We've been buying dvd sets of shows like ROME (as awesome the second time watched as the first!) and re-watching those instead of the dreck that's shown these days. If you have not seen Justified (or ROME) yet, get yer rearends to the local video store and rent them now.



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