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Hello faithful readers!

I am very pleased to announce that the Motion Comic I was lead artist on (but not the only artist), THE TEMPLE, is now available for viewing and downloading at Amazon Studios. I will now turn over my blog to Director and all around fantastic fellow, Alex Greenfield, to tell you more about this incredible journey... Take it away, Alex...

< Long story short-ish: my dad read me “The Rats in the Walls” when I was like five, literally sitting around a campfire. Let’s agree to ignore the parenting questions that anecdote raises and skip right to the fact that I became a Lovecraft addict before I could read. It was only a matter of time before I would dip my pen in the Mythos well.

Flash forward about thirty years and you’ll find my writing partner, Michael K. Eitelman and I hacking away at a contemporary story that took a bunch of HP’s cosmological elements, mashed them up and turned them into THE TEMPLE. The tale of a group of soldiers in Afghanistan who track their quarry across the graveyard of empires to an ancient ruin that looks like a Cyclopean cancer on God’s earth, the screenplay got some really positive notice.

Amazon Studios (’s odd hybrid of screenwriting contest and production company) awarded us their Best Script prize and a competitive $50,000 production grant to make what they call a “test movie” of TEMPLE. In essence, they were looking for a “visual rough draft” of a fully budgeted film. What I ended up going with was something in the no man’s land between motion comic, animatic and storyboard.

I put a hella awesome team together. Our lead artist is three-time Eisner nominee, Rich Koslowski. Our cast includes some pretty awesome genre favorites I’ve always wanted to work with: Bobby Ray Shafer (of THE OFFICE, any number of MegaKangaroo vs. TyranaSquirrel pictures and the awesome PSYCHO COP), Darin Cooper (X-FILES, ANGEL, a freaking Cardassian on DS9) and a whole rogue’s gallery of Folks You’d Recognize.

We turned in the assembly on January 6th, Amazon loved it, we did the final mix and today they’re releasing the movie both on their Amazon Studios site and on Amazon Instant Video. I would love as many people as possible to take a trip to the Temple of Shub-Niggurath because I’m both proud of the comic and I feel like if enough people respond to the motion comic, Amazon may finance the actual movie.

Thus this email and the begging for coverage. I’d love you to check TEMPLE out. If you’re moved to do so, some words and a link or two would help us a lot. If you have questions or want more info, I’ll spin webs of colorful lies at the drop of a hat.

Here's the link to check out the film...

Thanks so much,


So there you have it. I hope you all check it out and spread the word.

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