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Greetings comrades,

WonderCon 2012 fast approaches and it time to appropriately gird our collective loins for "Comic-Con jr." For that is what WC has become. Over the past few years WC has grown from a nice, medium sized convention to a behemoth just shy of Comic-Con's magnitude. And now that it'll be in Anaheim (huh? Closer yet to the Hollywood peeps!) I'm expecting even more hooplah and frenzy than ever before.

I will be manning the Top Shelf Comics booth, aided and abetted by my wife Sandy and protege Stella (International Award winning artist!) and Mr. JD Arnold will also be splitting time at the TS booth and a spot in Artist's Alley. I'll have all the Top Shelf books and a slew of my own titles (The 3 Geeks; Geeksville; Archie) and a ton of Original Art for sale. If you make it down to WC this year please stop by the booth and say hello...then buy everything on the table so I can impress my bosses at Top Shelf and they feel compelled to offer me some ridiculous multi-book deal worth sick amounts of money.

I'd appreciate it.

OH! Also--if it's not too much to ask--bring Mr. Spielberg or Mr. Whedon or some other Hollywood powerhouse over (preferably a little drunk) to broker a deal on one of my properties. If it's not too much trouble. Kind of a dream of mine. Y'know, 300 million dollar movie, sequels, toys, etc.

Again, I'd appreciate it. I'll do my best to get you an "Executive Producer" credit on the film(s).

And I'll get you drunk.

Okay, WC in, what?!, five more days!!! Holy smokes.



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