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Greetings, True Believers!

After holding them near and dear to my heart for the past year and a half I have decided to let them go...

That's right, I am selling the two (three actually) covers I did for the ADVENTURE TIME Comic Book series. I did Variant covers for issues #11 and #18. The issue #11 cover I called "Ice King Attacks LSP!" and the #18 cover was called "Bouncy Jake!" I just put the Bouncy Jake watercolor original up on the website, and the other 2 will be up soon. I also have them up on ebay right now.

In the coming days I'll also be posting the recent oil paintings I've done. So keep your eyes peeled for those.

Baby's gonna be going to college someday soon so I gotta start saving!

In other news!... I just got the great news that I'm going to be part of the upcoming ARCHIE VS PREDATOR series that Dark Horse and Archie will be co-publishing! As a lifelong fan of both this is a project I'm really looking forward to. I believe they're looking at a Spring release date for the first issue so keep your eyes peeled!

That's it for now.

Excelsior! R

WOW! Long time between blogs!

I wonder if anyone's still out there???

It has been faaarrr too long since my last blog entry. Been tremendously busy since opening our new store, ART SUPPLIES, INK., last year. Yep, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary just last week! It has been a very busy, very exhausting year, as, along with running the new store and all the stresses that entails, I also maintained my Archie Comics Inking duties, published and co-wrote/illustrtaed 3 issues of Zombies vs Cheerleaders, and coached my daughter's soccer and basketball teams. And then threw in a few conventions for kicks--as I am a glutton for punishment apparently. Oh yeah, I've also been adapting one of my books into a screenplay. Almost forgot that. There was an offer recently from a Hollywood studio on one of my properties and I am working to develop something on that henceforth... Yes, I must remain vague for the time being on that. Sorry. But it's pretty exciting...

Anyway, not too much spare time this past year. I'm hoping things start to settle down here shortly so I can get to some of the other writing and illustrating of new books I've had on the backburner for far too long. There are so many that have sat idle for far too long.

I'll be at the usual cons this summer: San Diego Comic-Con, of course! The biggest, baddest con on the planet! I'll be holding my own over there in Artists Alley again. So look for me there. I'm also going to be attending the terrific Big Wow! Con in San Jose next month and the Stockton-Con in Stockton, CA. run by Mike Millerick this summer. Mike has managed, in just 2 years, to put together one of the best cons I've ever attended. And I also plan on making my usual appearance at APE this fall. Love that show.

Okay, burning the midnight oil here at the shop...oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that above!... I'm working on character designs for Novelist Russ Colchamiro's new novel CROSSLINE. What was that I said above about being a "glutton"?...





Alas, it has been far too long since I posted any blogs here on Apologies. Since my last post we've been neck-deep in opening the new shop, ART SUPPLIES, INK., getting the ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS comics up and running, had to fly to Fl to drive my folks back to WI after my dad had a mild stroke, our new store was robbed, then we had to move, then San Diego COMIC-CON, then my ladies took a trip to Wisconsin to visit relatives.

So that summarizes a few months worth of blogs right there. I know the "nutshell" version isn't nearly as exciting as full details, sorry. That 3-4 months of mayhem might be a new book though! There's certainly enough material there...

Anyway, I also managed to land another ADVENTURE TIME gig! In addition to the first cover I did for them a few months back I was invited to do another one for the upcoming Stockton-Con, held August 4th in Stockton CA. So I've posted the image above. I'll also have both covers I did available on the site and some beautiful 11x17 signed and numbered prints as well!


I also have the new ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS comics available for purchase.

And here's the address for our new website for our store if you want to check it out...



ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS #1 on sale now!

It is here! The first issue of ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS is in stores and available on the website at last! We have four of the five covers available with Cover A having the most inventory, Covers B & C half that and Cover D being very rare.

Issue #2 will be out in May so stay tuned for more...




Yessiree! I'm completely pooped. 45 maybe isn't the most ideal time in one's life to start up a new business venture...oh wait, I'm sorry, TWO business ventures simultaneously!...the Art Supplies, Ink. store and publishing the Zombies vs Cheerleaders comic book. So, yeah, kinda tired, kinds totally stressed. But "pressure makes diamonds" I've heard so I'm headed for about a 2,000 karat!

Anyway, stress and fatigue aside, both endeavors are moving onward and slowly upward! We've been in business at the store 6 weeks now and more and more people find us everyday. The Grand Opening event last weekend was tremendous! And the all-new #1 issue of Zombies vs Cheerleaders shipped from the printer last week so look for it soon at your local comics shop. If you can't find it there I'll have them posted for sale in the next few days. Fret not, we'll get you your ZvC fix!

Stella celebrated her 11th birthday last week! She continues to make me the proudest dad on the planet. And Sandy celebrated her 46th a few days earlier. She continues to aggravate the hell out of me. Sigh, whatchya gonna do?

In other news...I'll be at the Big Wow! Comics Fest in San Jose May 18-19th so get to that con if you can. It's become a fantastic show, I highly recommend attending. Steve Wyatt give an A+ effort making his attendees and exhibitors happy.

All right, that's it for now...must sleep.





A few months back I was invited to contribute a cover for the wildly popular comic book series ADVENTURE TIME. This was a real "feather in the cap" for me as, not only is my daughter a huge fan of the show and comic, but so am I! So I diligently got to work and cranked out some roughs, they picked one, and I diligently went to work doing the final. I worked hard and completed the cover within a week of the invitation. The people at AT headquarters were pleased, paid me, patted me on the back and politely informed me that in 6 months the cover would see the light of day...issue #15 I believe. Okay, tough having to wait and all but still cool to have it officially scheduled.

Then my pal, Steve Frank, emails me the other day and says he saw my name on the IFC of issue #11 that just hit the stands! Wha?... as Finn would say! So, I email the editor at AT Headquarters and, yep, sure enough, apparently the people at Dynamic Forces wanted to do an exclusive, saw my cover, dug it and asked for it, and, VOILA, my cover is apparently LIVE this month.

So go hunt down a copy...the Dynamic Forces variants are pretty rare I guess.




Wow! Been so busy lately trying to make a buck that I notice I haven't posted a "Rich's Rant" in quite some time.

That's the "nutshell" of what's been going on folks... Been trying to make a buck! And finding that more and more difficult a thing to do!

BUT!!! BUT!!! I say... I do have a few opportunities on the horizon.

1st: I will be attending the ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO this weekend in San Francisco (Oct 13-14) and that's always a terrific show for me. Looking forward to selling my wares there. Along with my comics and books I have been stockpiling these awesome little Zombie illustrations I hope to do well with. And my "401 K" plan (my daughter Stella) has also been stockpiling little hand made VooDoo Dolls and Baby Vampire Dolls that she'll proudly be selling as well.

2nd: Speaking of Zombies!... I have come to a publishing agreement with the creator of the wildly popular comic, ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS, Steve Frank, to take over publishing his comic! The first issue will be solicited in a couple months and released in February or March. As plans tighten up I will keep you posted. I can say that the comic (which was always great fun) looks to be better than ever. I will be contributing and ongoing serialized story in the anthology comic as well as having an array of talented writers and artists contributing. I'm looking forward to getting a regular comic published again under my 3 FINGER PRINTS banner!

So I hope to see some of you at APE this weekend!




Sigh...Yes, I know...I am always at least 5 years behind the "times" when it comes to any and all technological advances and devices. Case in point, this whole new fancy digital comics thing. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to my entertainment, okay. I like to watch my television programs on an actual television not on my phone or laptop (if I had a laptop), I call or email, rarely text and never "tweet" ...tweeting is one step closer to the apocalypse as far as I'm concerned.

And I prefer reading my books and comics in book or comic book form. I like to flip the pages and easily go back to a page if necessary without it being a pain-in-the-rump. I like the feel of the book in my hands, the paper between my fingers, being able to read in my bed all cozy and comfortable. So, no, I don't dig on the idea of digital comics, okay!...

Until I had to do some research recently on a series and the local comic shop didn't have all the back issues. I searched online for ordering copies but I needed them right away and shipping would take too long. I contemplated driving to San Francisco and scouring the stores there...then it occurred to me... "Oh yeah...they do that digital thingy-majiggy with comics now, don't they?" So I went back online, spent about 4 minutes tracking down the issues I needed, ordered the copies, filled in the necessary forms, hit "enter" and had 9 comics ready to read...and I hate to say this but at a substantially reduced price! And you know what? It was pretty dang cool reading them on my 20 inch iMac screen! Granted I'm not going to run an extension cord to my room so I can read these in my bed, but very cool nonetheless.

Will I be purchasing more digital comics? Yes, I am sure I will, but probably only if I can't find a hard copy. Still, a nice option to have if I'm in a pinch, though. And, of course, there is the whole "collectibility" thing. I'm a comic book collector since age 7. I like buying them, bagging them, storing them and every once in awhile bringing them all out and looking at all of them and their shiny babies. Can't very well do that with my digital copies, y'know.

And then today I get an email from a gentleman in Brazil. He wants to buy a copy of Three Fingers but can't find one where he lives. Well, it just so happens that a Brazilian edition of the book came out a few years ago and it also just so happens that my publisher Top Shelf Productions just started a digital line of all their graphic novels last summer! So I was able to lead him in two directions. Another happy customer and another happy ME for making another happy customer...and a couple bucks!

I know, it's terrible that it took me this long to not only try a digital comic but also (just today) to go to Top Shelf's site and check out their digital copies as well. They've got all three of my books available at a substantially lower price if you're okay with digital copies. If you are I think it's terrific that you save 75%. Go Nuts! Then fall in love with the book and realize, "Y'know, it'd be even better having the actual hard copy so I can hold it, put it on the bookshelf and bring it out once and awhile and look at its shiny goodness!




Hey all!

Real quick note that I now have all 4 issues of the now-legendary ARCHIE MEETS KISS crossover event of the century (Hey, why not?...was certainly better than Civil War/Skrull Invasion/Siege/Whatever else they're now doing to kill the Avengers franchise)!!!

So get 'em while I got 'em! They're going fast!

Also! WonderCon in Aanaheim was terrific last weekend! Next stop Big Wow! in San Jose May 19-20th. See you all there.

Okay, going to go and watch some PSYCH on dvd now. Great show!




Yes, it just HAD to happen! Archie has, after all, crossed paths with the likes of The Punisher and the rock band KISS in recent years (months) so one must assume he'd eventually cross paths with the President of the United States and former Governor of Alaska. I mean, c'mon.

I am proud to offer this JUMBO oversized trade paperback collection of the limited comic book series here on the website. I inked the story so I can now add "working with the President" to my resume! "Oh yeah, and BTW the former Governor of Alaska."

So the story unfolds like this... Politics run awry at Riverdale High during the latest student council elections. So, natch, the President and Governor stop on by to help smooth things over and lend some sound political insight. I'm sure they do this all the time at high schools across America.

So check out the website where I just posted it. As always I will autograph all purchases and ship any order over $10 for free in the continental US of A!

In other cool news...

Writer/pal/former cookie maker JD Arnold and I were just informed that a high school (no not an Archie/President/Governor connection) up in Oregon will be using BB Wolf and the Three LPs in their 11th and 12th grade English Lit classes as a teaching aide! The English teacher felt that our book was not only an entertaining read, but also had underlying themes and messages beneficial to their curriculum. Needless to say we were both delighted and honored by this news. I can now add "shaping the minds of America's youth" to my resume!


The Green Bay Packers are my favorite football team. Some of you know this. I grew up in Wisconsin where most citizens cherish (some worship) the beloved Packers. I enjoy the fact that they are not only a superb team steeped in tradition but also the fact that they are owned by the people and play in a town (not CITY) that by all rights should not be able to sustain a professional team. There's simply not a large enough population. And yet they do and the team thrives. I will, of course, be watching them this Sunday in the playoffs and rooting for them. But what a horrible shock to hear the news the other day of the drowning death of the Offensive Coordinator's 21 year old son. How incredibly sad. I can't even begin to imagine how sad the family is--and by "family" I mean the Philbin family, the entire Packer's team and town of Green Bay and for that matter state of WI. And yet they will play on. With heavy hearts, I'm certain, but they will play. As a fan I hope they can overcome their sadness for those few hours and win the game and honor the Philbin family with the victory and, hopefully, bring them a little bit of joy during this terrible time.

I don't mean to make light of the situation at all, trust me. Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one. That entire family could just use a little bit of good news right now is all I'm saying.

And finally...

JUSTIFIED is finally back on the air next week! Yes!... because other than Football (GO PACK!) and Sportscenter there is nothing on tv that we watch anymore. Nada. We've been buying dvd sets of shows like ROME (as awesome the second time watched as the first!) and re-watching those instead of the dreck that's shown these days. If you have not seen Justified (or ROME) yet, get yer rearends to the local video store and rent them now.



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