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Yes, it's true!...TRZY PALCE! What's that? no speaka Polish? Oops, so sorry. For those of you who do you, of course, know that TRZY PALCE translates into THREE FINGERS. And for those of you familiar with my body of work you'd surmise, perhaps, that this must mean that my book Three Fingers has a Polish language edition now out. And you would be correct! I just got a wonderful surprise from the UPS man today...a box of Polish edition Three Fingers graphic novels and they look fantastic. The print quality is outstanding! The Polish publishers did a fantastic job producing this edition--great paper stock, top-notch printing and terrific re-lettering! The best part was that I had completely forgotten signing the Polish deal over a year ago so when I opened the box it was quite delightful. That happens every time with the foreign edition sign the contract and it takes 1-2 years until the book's are actually made. So you pretty much forget about it until the books arrive at your doorstep.

Anyway, a very nice start to the new year and I now have the TRZY PALCE editions on the website if any of you are interested. Or have that very special Polish someone in your lives to buy a copy for.




Yep, it hadda happen! ARCHIE MEETS KISS....yes, the rock group, KISS, not just another Betty or Veronica kiss. And I hadda be the Inker, True Believers!!! I'll admit I kind of scratched my head when I first heard this project was happening but I was also pretty stoked as I was a bona fide KISS ARMY member back when I was a wee little lad in the early 1970s. And when they told me I was going to be the Inker on this limited series I was pretty thrilled.

So the 1st issue comes out and it's an instant sell out (of course!)! I had to beg, borrow and steal just to get myself some extra copies. But get 'em I did and now have the very hard-to-find 1st issue available here on the website.

I also had a very "fanboy geek out" moment when good pals, Dan Parent and Alex Segura (artist and writer on the series), nabbed me a signed copy of the variant issue when they did a signing tour with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley last month! So, yep, I got one signed by Gene and Paul and it's already framed and hanging on my wall above my art desk. Pretty cool, eh?

All right...I've got nothing else to report that'll top that bit o news so I'm gonna sign out.

I'll just quickly add that I will be at the Top Shelf booth for WonderCon in Anaheim in 2012 so please stop on by. I'll have a couple new items available and also previewing my new book that'll be out from TS in the near future!



p.s. Happy New Year!


Greetings and Happy Holidays and all that.

I have recently received a few inquiries regarding Holiday shipping. Yes, if you order something through the site before December 17th I can almost guarantee that it will ship in time for Christmas. Basically allow at least a week and we're pretty safe...No absolute guarantees though so don't be quotin' me on that. I shall, however, do my part and get any orders out immediately. Then it's up to our good ole Post Office (yep, same one that's filing for Bankruptcy soon).

ALSO! since I'm so Gosh Darned nice I will be adding a FREE original sketch with every order I get before the 2011 year's end! Howzabout that?! Yeah, pretty cool, right? Prices are still "recession busters" as well.

AND I've got a few new items posted including the new ZVC (Zombies vs. Cheerleaders) Trade Paperback and the brand-spankin' NEW issue of INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE issue #4 the CHRISTMAS issue. 64 pages of fun that includes a brand NEW (there's that word again!) 3 GEEKS story! A re-telling of the classic "It's a Wonderful Life" story 3 Geeks style! This comic showcases some of the industry's best Independent talent.

Okay, other than that I'll quickly mention that that Detroit Lions player, Ndickahead Suh, is now the biggest tool in pro sports. Anyone who watches any sports is bound to have seen his infamous "trying to regain my balance" scene. Yes, I was being facetious. The douche bag violently shoves a Packer player's head into the ground not once, but twice, then gets up and kicks him/stomps on his arm and then, after he's ejected from the game, claims he was just "trying to regain his balance." HA! 6-7 million people see this live and all see the same thing in replay after replay after replay and he still tries to give some lame-ass story. Glad he got the 2-game suspension (which he appealed, and subsequently lost said appeal) and even more glad that he's been exposed to the world as not only a dirty player but now also a dirty liar.

I don't think Ndickahead Suh's going to be getting any presents from Santa this year. Sadly the dick makes millions a year even though he's a jerk so I'm sure he don't care.

It's an unfair world sometimes...




Happy Halloween, true believers!

Here at Koslowski Central we had a magnificent time Trick-Or-Treating dressed up as the ADVENTURE TIME cast. Stella was Jake, I was Finn and Sandy was Marceline. Home-made costumes and they really turned out great and were fun to make. Especially since Stella, who had planned on going as Marceline, didn't know that we were secretly making the Jake and Finn costumes at night and while she was in school! What a shock she had when we strolled out in the costumes. Of course (and we expected this) as soon as she saw the Jake costume she wanted to be him (no offense Marceline).

Sadly, walking around in the Jake head was a bit disorienting for poor Stella and we had to cut or T-O-Ting short by about half. Still got a lot of candy, though.

Exciting other news regarding my career as a comic book artist! I have been contracted to illustrate the background art for a new "Motion Comic" titled, TEMPLE." It is a fantastic horror story that Amazon Studios is producing. I'm not sure of the release date yet but I believe we're looking at a major launch for Comic-Con 2012. I will, of course, keep you posted.

And!...I just received my copies of the ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS VOL 1 trade paperback! This collects not only my terrific 3 GEEKS story and cover art but over a hundred other hilariously gruesome stories and cover art. I'll have TPs available on the site soon but in the meantime look for them at your local comic shop.

Been trying to maintain our interest in THE WALKING DEAD but it's so damned downbeat we're struggling to continue liking it. You gotta give these poor bastards the occasional victory, writers! Yeah, we know...end of the world. Apocalypse. Yes. But they still need a slice of happiness here and there. And for cripes sake are there the obvious story holes! Why in the HELL would they still be driving around in that piece-of-crap RV when there must be thousands of abandoned RV dealers across the country that they could simply take a new one??? Or a band of Hummers??? Or Military vehicles??? And they have two, TWO, cops in their ranks. Um, don't you think everyone would have a friggin' walkie-talkie so they'd always be able to communicate? Don't get me started. LOT of story holes.

And we really, really wanted to like AMERICAN HORROR STORY but we gave up after three episodes. Too weird. And we like weird, but not when it's just for the sake of being weird. The characters don't ring true and just how much super, horrible bad stuff can we really be expected to believe can happen to one poor family so quickly and in such volume? Seriously. There is a fantastic quote that goes something like this..."It is easier to make the viewers believe the impossible, than the improbable." I can suspend my disbelief that a "man can fly" in a movie but I'm not going to swallow "twenty murders happen in this house; crazy maid basically gives herself a job the owners can't afford to pay for in the first place; they don't change the locks even after crazy girl next door keeps getting into house (and her klepto mother); Freddy Krueger-like guy always chasing husband while jogging in a suit; and so on..."

Really wanted and needed a good horror genre show to get into but it ain't happenin'. Was going to check out GRIMM or ONCE UPON A TIME but the reviews haven't exactly been enticing us on those either.

Maybe next year, right?


Greetings all,

In memorium of Elvis Presley's anniversary of his untimely and tragic passing I am having a sale on all the original art from my graphic novel, THE KING. As many of you know he died on August 16, 1977. This year marks the 34th anniversary and Elvis would be 76 years old had he survived this long.

Anyway, check out the art on the site if you're interested. I have some new pages posted and the ones that were already posted have all been reduced in price by as much as 40%.

I also have THE KING softcover and limited edition Hardcover books at 50% off cover price.

And, as always, any order over $10 is FREE shipping.

Alright, back to listening to my Elvis cds...I believe it's time for a little "If I Can Dream!" Beautiful song!




Good afternoon,

Today I am enclosing my good friend, Russ Colchamiro's, newsletter as my blog. As some of you may know I published Russ' novel FINDERS KEEPERS last year and in a very short time the book has garnered some very fantastic reviews and has recently landed a significant distribution deal. So, without further ado, here's a nice update from Russell...

Hey Gang- I hope everybody had a great July 4th weekend. Besides their first Independence Day, so far this summer Liz and I also took Nate and Abby on their very first family vacation to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where we all soaked up some pool time and stared out at the ocean as the sun set. Plus, Liz and I had our very first weekend away together -- without the babies -- notching up some beach and restaurant time at Spring Lake, NJ, while my in-laws had a wonderful weekend babysitting their grandkids. They very seriously thought about not giving Nate and Abby back, but exhaustion changed their minds! And on that note, I've got a slew of summer fun to share about Finders Keepers: * A few months back I announced that Small Press United signed me to a deal to distribute Finders Keepers to booksellers across the country. Well, we're starting to see some momentum! It's still early in the process, but to date, Barnes & Noble has ordered more than 50 copies of Finders Keepers, to be sold in various locations! Not sure yet which particular stores will be carrying it, but it sure is a good feeling to know that at long last Finders Keepers will be on the shelves. I will update as I know more. * Speaking of being on the shelves, I am extending the Finders Keepers summer sale throughout the month! To order you signed copy of Finders Keepers for the freakin' sweet summer sale price of just $10, visit Plus FREE shipping in the U.S! * But wait. You say you want to see me in person at a convention this summer. Well ... you're in luck! Throughout July you have not one, but two chances to stop by my booth where I'll be selling and autographing copies of Finders Keepers. Here's where you can find me: Long Island Toy Show, Holiday Inn Hotel, 215 Sunnyside Blvd Plainview, NY - July 17

East Hanover Comic Book Expo, Ramada Inn Conference Center Hotel, Ramada Inn Conference Center Hotel, 130 Rt 10 West East Hanover, NJ - July 23

* In addition, the latest round of reviews are in. Check out this one from Ruled by Books, who said: "[Finders Keepers is] incredibly funny. ... When [Colchamiro] becomes a best seller, you’ll be able to say you knew him when." For the full review, click here:

* And for this month's shout-out, if you haven't already, check out the collective works of Rich Henn (Zoomies, Timespell,, Finders Keepers publisher and cover artist Rich Koslowski (BB Wolf and the 3 LPs, The King, The List, 3 Geeks, and JD Arnold (BB Wolf and the 3 LPs,, will all be attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con. They are all excellent creators and big Finders Keepers supporters, so even though I won't be there for the usual summer mayhem, join me with them in spirit. That's all she wrote for this edition. I'll be back later in the summer with new updates, plus some BIG, BIG plans I've got in the works. All the Best, Russ

So there you have it! And as the reviewer above suggested, you might want your First Edition copy now before Russ becomes all rich and famous and those First Printings sell for outrageous prices on eBay.

Just sayin'...




Hey-O everybody!

As I stated in my last blog I have added a bunch of new art to my website for purchase! I just added about 12 new Archie and Sonic pages including a couple covers! A few of the pages are penciled by the legendary Stan Goldberg who is, unfortunately, no longer penciling for Archie. So his pages are going to be scarce soon and highly sought after. I'll be adding more Stan G. pages in the near future.

I also posted a bunch of original Archie and Sonic pages on eBay today so go and check them out as well. My eBay user ID is poo666 (long, sad, stupid story on how I got that name.Total accident) so you can find my items if you look up my ID name. Some VERY nice pages up for sale there.

I'll be adding many more in the weeks to come!

In other news...

I am officially signed up for Comic-Con in San Diego this July and am already pooped just thinking about it. I will NOT be setting up in Artists Alley this year so look for me exclusively at the Top Shelf Productions booth or Archie Comics booth!

That's it for now!




Hidy-Ho, True believers!

It's time for some Spring Cleaning here at! So, for the next few weeks I'm discounting just about all the books, box sets, art, etc. I just dropped prices on such items as: BB Wolf Book/CD Combo; BB Wolf Box Set!; Finders Keepers; The 3 Geeks TPs; The King; Three Fingers and a whole lot more!... Isn't this exciting?!!

I'm also going to be adding a bunch of new artwork over the next few weeks (like THOR pictured above) so keep your eyes peeled. I know that I've had some old "out of stock" art up for awhile and I have no excuse other than to say it takes an awful long time to scan, post and update the site and at night, after a long day workin', I just ain't got the energy like I used's sad.

But as I said above, It's Spring Cleaning time and with Spring Cleaning comes renewed vigor and motivation so I'm going full tilt. I'll be adding new Archie pages, new originals, BB Wolf pages (award-winning BB Wolf pages that is!), and a whole lot more.

In other news...

Go Mavs! Not a big fan of Bron Bron and the spectacle that is the Miami Heat. Sorry Heat fans but that pre-season celebration still makes my teeth hurt.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was a bit of a letdown after the greatness of the first one.

What the HELL is with Michael Jordan's little Hitler mustache???? Have you seen the new Hanes' commercials where he's sporting this thing?! I know he's MJ and nobody can tell him what to do but c'mon Michael...I know you got a mirror somewhere in your Billion dollar digs...That lil stache ain't workin' dude. Yeesh!

John Rich! That dude's got his shit straight. We don't watch any "reality tv" but we got into Celebrity Apprentice last season and cheered on Brett Michaels and, again, this year The Donald got it right! From week 2 we pegged John Rich as the savviest of the bunch and predicted that he'd be the winner. He was smart, diplomatic, honest and the hardest working one in the bunch. Well done Donald for picking the right contestant.

A'ight, go check out the sale items and buy lots o shit.




Hello True Believers!

I just received some very fantastic and flattering news! I won the 2011 Glyph Award for my work on BB Wolf And The Three LPs. I won for "Best Artist" and we were also nominated in three other categories...Best Writer; Best Story; and Best Lead Character.

The Glyph Awards recognizes achievement in graphic novels/comics that represent American Black History and culture. It was a phenomenal honor to be nominated in four categories for our efforts on BB Wolf. When JD and I were working together on this we were cognizant of the parallels our story made with Black History and felt we were creating an important piece of work but to be recognized by the Glyphs like we were was beyond flattering.

Since I wasn't in Philadelphia for the ceremony I'll give my brief acceptance speech right here...

"This was a team effort and so I have to give thanks to the following people... JD Arnold, Troy Geddes, Chris Staros and Brett Warnock of Top Shelf, Rob Venditti and Leigh Walton, CJ Bettin, Katie Arnold, and Sandy and Stella. Also all of the musicians who helped create the awesome BB Wolf & The Howlers soundtrack! The entire project was a massive amount of work but to be recognized like this for it makes it all the more worthwhile."

And thanks to all of you who have purchased the book and/or cds and those reviewers who have been so kind to us this past year!




Yep, proud Daddy time again, folks! First, Stella brought me to tears by standing up to a classmate when that classmate was making very insensitive comments about a Special Needs child at their school. After Stella commented on how nice the Special Needs girls' outfit was that day her classmate called the Special Needs student a very insensitive name. Stella proceeded to tell her that what she said was "mean and cruel" and that people shouldn't say things about others like that! She stood up to the bully even though the bully is much bigger than her. Pretty mature response for a 9-year-old I thought and I was very proud, indeed!

We were then told by her teacher last week that Stella is ranked Numero uno in the A.R. reading program at her school. This is a system for the kids where they can read a book then take a test to see how well their aptitude and retention is. The A.R. system scores you and also keeps track of how many books you've read all year and how many words. It's pretty amazing. Then, last weekend she ran in her "GIRLS ON THE RUN" 5K run and was a trooper! This was her first long distant run of any kind and we (I was her running buddy) finished in a very respectable time of 38 minutes. We had to walk a few times so she could catch her breath but those walks were brief and the attitude was top-notch! Over 2,500 runners participated!

Then, tonight we attended her school's choir recital. Stella's class sang three songs and they were terrific! Stella was very serious about the performance and really wanted to do her very best. I sat with video camera rolling the whole time, grinning ear-to-ear!

So, yeah, a lot of pride from this papa this month. This year, actually. Heck, her whole life really. She's truly my pride and joy.

In other news... I will be attending the BIG WOW! COMIC CONVENTION this weekend (May 21-22) in San Jose, CA. Mr JD Arnold and I (along with Jon "Bean" Hastings) will be manning a booth there so if you get a chance come on out and stop by. We'll be running ridiculous deals all weekend and I have a KILLER piece of art donated for the art auction! I might be bidding on it myself cuz I like it that much.

and... I am excited to announce that I am finally embarking on my next Graphic Novel! I can't say too much yet but this will be my first foray into a creator-owned super-hero story. So I am very excited. I've actually had this baby going on and off for a few years but things kept getting in the way of my starting it. But as of this week I am finally moving on it...and when I get a goin' it usually means full steam ahead. I'm anticipating having preview art at Comic-Con International so if you're there stop[ by the Top Shelf booth and I'll give you a peek.

OH!... forgot to mentuon that Stella also dug on the THOR movie so that definitely made me a very proud papa indeed!



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