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Greetings! I am delighted to add the VOLTRON: UNITED AND DRAWN coffee table book to my bag of goodies here at I was one of MANY artists invited to contribute to this massive 200 page hard cover book collecting all kinds of cool Voltron stuff! Here's the official solicitation....

1st printing. 5finity Productions, in association with Moonstone and World Events Productions, presents the first ever official art book based on the classic animated series Voltron: Defender Of The Universe! To many genre fans, Voltron was the original transforming robotic actions series and introduced an entire generation into the world of Japanese style animation. A mix of official brand history, original artwork, fan memories, celebrity testimonials, and more! This book proudly celebrates Voltron's influence here today and beyond. Hardcover, 192 pages, full color. Cover price $29.95.

I am selling the book for $25 here on the site and, as always, free shipping! Woo-Hoo!!!! I'm also happy to report that yet another back issue of THE 3 GEEKS has sold out. Number 9 is no longer available, folks. It's always a very cool thing to sell out on an issue--but it's also kind of a little bit seeing a child go off to college I suppose. Anyway, another one bites the dust so if you don't have it you're going to find that finding it just became a wee bit more difficult. Of course there are the trade paperbacks of which I have plenty!...for the time being.

Okay, thassit for this thrilling installment as I am ready for a little late night Sportscenter and then some bedtime reading. I'm currently reading through a big pile of graphic novels I picked up at WonderCon, many of them from Archaia who were running at FANTASTIC "buy 2 get 3 free" sale at their booth. Needless to say I stocked up. Tonight I finish reading TUMOR which started out very strong.





Yep, still riding high from the big SuperBowl victory for the Packers in case anyone's wondering. Kudos to the Pack, their fantastic management, the coaches and Aaron Rodgers for persevering through all the QB tumult the past 5-6 years. I would hope that this forever puts to rest the big controversy/debate over letting a certain someone "retire" a few years back. Looks like it turned out for the best, eh?

Okay, now that that's done I have some rather exciting news regarding BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS. We (meaning the book and me and JD, the creators) have just found out that we've been nominated for four GLYPH Awards! We're up for the following categories..."Story Of The Year" "Best Writer" "Best Artist" and "Best Male Character." Very, very cool. And for those of you unfamiliar with the Glyph Awards, the Glyphs recognize achievement for creators and books that significantly represent African American culture in some way.

So JD and I and Top Shelf are very honored by these nominations. The awards will be handed out May 20th in Philadelphia, PA.

We're also asking anyone out there to please consider BB Wolf, JD and myself when you're filling out/voting for this year's HARVEY AWARDS and the EAGLE AWARDS. And, fingers crossed, we're hoping for some EISNER and IGNATZ nods as well. More often than not these books we do are labors of love...there usually isn't great monetary reward in the book business so when we are recognized with award nominations from our peers like this it really does feel nice.

As our publisher Chris Staros said some time back, we do it "FOR THE GLORY!!!"

In other pretty cool news...My graphic novel, THREE FINGERS, just inked a deal with a publisher in Poland! Very cool. Always a nice little "feather in the cap" when a foreign edition comes out.

In other VERY cool news...Daughter Stella has finally conquered the two-wheel bicycle! Three 20 minute sessions over three days and she's riding around like Lance Armstrong! Another proud Papa moment.




Hello all,

It is "For Your Consideration" time. The Harvey Awards have opened up their selection process for the 2011 awards. If you liked BB Wolf And The Three LPS JD and I would sure appreciate your consideration for any of the eligible categories. The book would qualify in several categories including, "BEST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC ALBUM" "BEST WRITER (JD Arnold)" "BEST ARTIST (Rich Koslowski)""BEST SINGLE ISSUE OR STORY" "BEST NEW TALENT (JD Arnold)" and maybe a few others.

As always, if we were to win the drinks at the bar afterward would be on me! My standing commitment to you, the voters. I don't ask for votes without paying back my constituents you know!

Here's the link to the Harvey website where you can download a ballot.

Oh, and have fun! It is actually a fun thing to do for fans and gives us a chance to voice our opinions and recognize our favorite books each year. If you've never done it before FOR SHAME.




Well, hello again dear friends! I hope this blog is finding you all well.

To start I have to "pimp" the unbelievable Sacramento Train Museum! We went up to Sacramento last weekend for a small comic convention (Sac-Con) so we thought we'd tour our new state capitol and check out some highlights. Well, the Train museum and Old Town were two things that were recommended by friends so, what the heck, we went. We're not "big train enthusiasts" here by any means so we went in with a mildly curious attitude.

Best freaking museum I (we've) ever seen! Well run, clean, aesthetically pleasing in every way, friendly, affordable...AND THE TRAINS! I expected to see a couple antique engines and then be bombarded by a gift shop. NO! This place was HUGE! And it housed some of the most amazingly beautiful trains you could ever imagine. It was awesome, inspiring and I can't recommend it highly enough. I can only imagine what a true train enthusiast must feel in this place because I was beside myself.

Old Town was very cool too. It's flooded with new shops now, and a lot of them really don't "fit" the feel, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Just seeing the old architecture is always cool.

Then we went ice skating downtown. Nice to skate in 50 degree weather as opposed to 10 degrees I say! We also luckily happened upon the Sacramento Christmas parade earlier in the day. So all-in-all a nice visit to our capitol (my meeting with the governor was postponed so that was a bummer but, oh well, Arnie will have more time to visit soon)!

Many of you were kind enough to congratulate Stella on her Accomplishments in the contests mentioned in earlier blogs. Thank you from both her and me. The Bookshop Santa Cruz now has the Young Writers Contest books available through their website as well as their retail location. Here's the website info...

We were very impressed with the overall quality and attention to detail that was put into this book! From it's gorgeous front cover design to the format and binding!...for a debut publication it's really quite astounding. And that doesn't even cover the wonderful stories held within.

So go check it out if you get a chance. Support these young authors and the store for hosting such an important event.

In other news...

My website sale's still on so if you do need any items for a loved one (including yourself) order now to receive by Christmas--or after if you'd like.

In other news...

Looks like Brett Favre's career may finally be over. The streak is anyway. And, at first I laughed and was happy, but after it actually ended I had mixed feelings. Sure, the whole "retirement drama queen act" got really really old three years ago and he's a wishy-washy hypocrite and degenerate cheating creepy sexter, but what he accomplished on the field in his career was amazing. I won't argue that. Is he the best QB who ever donned a uniform? No. Top five? No. But probably top ten. Regular season he was fantastic. The post-season, however?...Not so much. His tendency to throw those awful last second, game ending interceptions will probably be what people remember most (or second most after the streak) and they have every right to. In the most critical moments of most of the big games Favre screwed up time and again. I guess it's only fitting (and rather sad) that his last pass ever, the one that ended the streak and possibly his career, may very well be an interception as well!

But it's Favre! So we may be visiting the drama again this Spring, won't we?

A'ight, enough for now. Gotta ink me up some Archie pages so I can pay the rent and feed the family!




Seasons Greetings fellow geeks!

In the spirit of the holidays I have decided to graciously and generously discount many of the fine items available on this here website...just for YOU! Yes, I'm just that nice.

So here are the fantastical items now reduced by 20%! 25% and sometimes more than 50%!!!...

All The 3 Geeks Trade paperbacks are on sale! The King, Three Fingers, BB Wolf And The Three LPs is on sale and the BB Wolf Box Set is slashed from $75 to $60!!!

The MCP (Marvel Comics Presents) 12 Pack! was $35, now $25 and includes a signed print illustrated by yours truly!

AND the novel Finders Keepers, by pal, Russ Colchamiro, is also on sale for $10 even! AND...AND Russell asked me if I'd be up for throwing in one of my Milo's children's books for any interested buyers for an additional 5 BUCKS? I say absolutely! So I went ahead and marked both Milo books on the site to that price for your shopping pleasure! Russ specifically asked me to offer the Milo books because his newborn Abby seems to really love them and he's also grown quite fond and wants to spread the joy! Sweet, ain't it?

And here's an additional note/update on Finders Keepers from good pal, Russ Colchamiro...

Now ... in the spirit of the holiday season, here's the latest on Finders Keepers: * First off ... Finders Keepers is now an e-book! That's right. I've gone techno, baby! For all you Kindle-type readers, Finders Keepers is now available for download through the gang at DriveThru Comics ... no matter what e-reader you use. And because there's no printing or shipping charges, it's only $4.99!

Whether you have a Kindle, iPad or any other device that reads e-books, Finders Keepers is just a click away! That's right. We serve 'em all! To order your e-book version of Finders Keepers, copy and paste:

* Speaking of the holidays ... what better time to get a FREE, SIGNED copy of Finders Keepers? That's right. It's contest time! For the month of December only, you have the chance for a free, personalized copy of Finders Keepers, plus other goodies. To join the fun, copy and paste:

Okay, so that's the scoop(s)! Shop away and the shipping's FREE (in the Continental USA) and I can guarantee shipping by December 24th if you get your orders in by December 16th. That is if the Post Office don't screw it up! I'll do my part, folks to get it there on time.



P.S. And, OH HECK!...I'm even gonna go ahead and throw in a FREE T-Shirt for any order over 50 Bucks (make a note of your size when you order)!!! And any order over $100 is going to get the t-shirt and, AND an original piece of art. Why the heck not I ask?


Proud Parent Alert! Gotta brag a little hear folks so bear with me...

Stella entered THE LAST UNICORN ART CONTEST last Spring and they finally announced the winners yesterday...Yep, Stella won 1st place in the "12 and younger" category! And she's 8 taking on 12 year olds! Woo-Hoo! So she won an autographed copy of the novel and all the winners are going to be featured on the "extras" dvd of the upcoming February release of THE LAST UNICORN. Very, very cool and I will be ordering a few dozen of those babies to pass out.

This wonderful news comes right on the heels of Stella's winning a local "Young Writers Contest" at the Bookshop Santa Cruz where she won 1st place in her age group with over 80 entries for her illustrated story, "The Happy Times Mouse!" There she won a $60 gift certificate and her story will be published alongside the other winner's in a tpb collection that will be sold at the store (I'll also be ordering heavy on that one!) So yeah, I'm going to be a proud papa and brag on her a bit. I'm also thinking she might end up being my "retirement plan" the way things are going lately in this economy.

Okay, I'm starting to tear up again so I've gotta stop now.

Check back on the site in the next couple days for an announcement on some great Christmas sales specials!




Good evening,

I am proud to announce that my first official foray into publishing another creator's work has finally happened! And that the book, Finders Keepers, by newcomer, Russ Colchamiro, is pretty darn awesome! A cosmic romp that, when I first proof read it, reminded me of a good--nay, GREAT-- Terry Pratchett novel. And praise like that doesn't come lightly as I am a H-U-G-E Terry Pratchett fan.

Russ has managed to write a novel that clicks on all the cylinders I like...Solid plot, great characters and character interaction, sci-fi/fantasy elements, humor, and heart. He's managed to mix all these elements into a compelling story about how creation was started and the universe continues to be built by some very oddball "cosmic entities." Who'd've ever thunk that the universe's DNA would be stored in a simple jar???

Anyway, when Russ asked me to proof his copy at Comic-Con a few years back I was excited, flattered and nervous all at the same time. While I had only met him a few days earlier we became fast friends. And although we seemed to share the same likes and dislikes I'm always leery when a friend asks me to proof or review something for them...I mean, there's always the chance that it stinks, and then whattaya say, right?

Well, I'm publishing the darn thing so there's your answer!

I even offered to do the cover art I was so enthused!

Here's a few other nifty reviews by some pretty notable luminaries!...

"In Finders Keepers, Russ Colchamiro invites the reader on an exciting and truly madcap journey. An engaging story that entertains with effervescence. Fantasia in print!" ––Thomas O'Callaghan, internationally best-selling author of Bone Thief and The Screaming Room

"An unpredictable tale of cosmic mayhem, fascinating characters, and universal secrets. Finders Keepers proves Colchamiro is a true original." -- James Chambers, author of Resurrection House and The Midnight Hour.

“ ‘Yes’ to Finders Keepers! Russ Colchamiro created a witty, edgy, funny and adventurous world filled with action, romance and inspiration! Finders Keepers is a great reminder to live life to the fullest!” ––Rob Magnotti, Comedian; Impressionist; Actor

Pretty sweet stuff, hey?

The novel will be debuting at this weekend's New York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javitz Center. The show runs Fri-Sunday, October 8-10th, and I have a booth #549 where Russ and I will both be signing all weekend. So please come by if you're there and check out Russ' slick new novel and all my usual awesome goods as well.




Whew! I've finally had a moment to catch my breath, catch up on work that's been piling up, and post some BB Wolf original pages on the website. YES, you can now nab some BB original art from the graphic novel right here on this here site! I'll be posting more in the weeks to come but, so far, I've got 13 pages up and they're some dandies. (See above!)

All pages are ink-washed paintings on 11" x 14" bristol board and will be signed by yours truly and shipped FREE!!! Just cuz I'm so nice!

And I can promise you that as good as the pages looked in print, or posted on the website, they look a heckuva lot better up close and personal.

Also, if you have a favorite page from the book but don't see it posted on the site, just shoot me an email and ask if I've still got it. I may have it available but just haven't posted it yet.

A'ight, start shopping!




It is with great delight that I announce the BB WOLF BOX SETS are here and available for purchase! This very exclusive, very limited (only 100 made) item has a beautiful laser carved image off BB on the top of the hand made box and inside this split-level work of carpentry art we have: The BB Wolf and the Three LPs graphic novel; the BB Wolf & The Howlers cd with 7 original songs; 2 shot glasses; 3 coasters, and a signed and framed BB Wolf print!

We really wanted to make something special for the collectors out there who seek out truly unique items. So we designed this box to represent the era that the story takes place--giving it an antiquated look and feel with hand-crafted carpentry and intimate details. The split-level interior is really fantastic!--When you lift off the top lid you immediately see the book and the 2 shot glasses nested in their own compartment. And underneath the book lies a hidden layer where you'll find the cd, 3 exclusive coasters (beautifully designed by Troy Geddes) that each look like an old record label, each representing the three songs of BB's that are featured on the cd, and finally the signed and beautifully framed limited BB Wolf print!

We're very proud of this item and limited it to only 100 pieces to ensure its uniqueness. Shipping is free on this item as it is on all the items on the website.

All this for $75.00!!!




Well it's just been a couple days since I announced (with much glee) that I had a ton of new books to pimp...and whattaya know?...I just got another big box of all new goodies! The much anticipated 3 Geeks story in "Zombies VS Cheerleaders" by Moonstone and 5Finity is here! An awesome full-color comic featuring The 3 Geeks as the first 12 page story and two additional stories by some very talented chaps. A ton of fun all for $3.99. I also did the cover--cover "A" anyway...there are 4 different alternate covers as well and they all kick zombie ass!

So, to summarize...BB Wolf and the Three LPs graphic novel, BB Wolf & The Howlers cd, BB Shot glasses and coasters and limited edition box set hit this week...

As well as three new editions with new cover art of three 3 Geeks TPBs (say that three times fast)....

And now the Zombies vs Cheerleaders comic book!

And all in time for Comic-Con International in sunny San Diego! Talk about fortuitous timing, eh?

So if you get to Comic-Con stop by and see me in Artists Alley or at the Top Shelf booth. And if you aren't going to be at Comic-Con feel free to buy this stuff on my website (conveniently just a few hits of a few buttons away--cuz I care).



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