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Have you guessed that I might have some "new books"??? Yes, that is correct. Not only do I now have the long-awaited BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS graphic novel but I also have the BB WOLF & THE HOWLERS cd soundtrack and the BB WOLF book/cd set for sale on the website!

I ALSO have finally gotten new editions of THE 3 GEEKS trade paperbacks that have been out of print for the past couple years. I've also rebooted the cover art (I have to post the new covers...haven't done that yet...tooo tired) which looks very sweet. So go find these new items on the website and go nuts ordering your copies.

I'll also be at Comic-Con in a few days folks so please stop by and visit me in Artists Alley. By then I should also have the new THREE FINGERS edition which has also been out of print for the past 2+ years. Lots of new books and tons of new art!

And OH OH OH!!!....I'll also have the ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS comic which features an all new full color 3 GEEKS story! That'll be up on the site soon too. Been a busy, busy boy....



BB WOLF Finally hits stores and KISS!!

Hey kids,

Yes, it has finally arrived! The much-ballyhooed and, so far, very well reviewed, BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS has finally landed at the local comic shops and finer books stores throughout the land. After many, MANY years of waiting it is here.

SO go out and buy the damn thing.


Okay, quick reminder to anyone in the area, we are having a HUGE book release party at JD's (the writer) shop this Saturday, July 10th. Comicopolis in downtown Santa Cruz, 829 Front Street, 95060. 831-427-1929. the party goes from 4pm until 8pm (officially. Then the drinking starts!). There will be food, drinks, prizes, and me and JD signing our books! Light, yet compelling banter is also included and FREE!

ALSO! We will be premiering the BB WOLF & THE HOWLERS cd! Yessir!

And on that note I ask a favor from all of you dear brother-in-law, Pauly Karcz, was instrumental in our getting the cd done. He let us use his recording studio and mixed and engineered all the tracks...we put in a ton of hours in a week shaping the disc and it turned out fantastic. Pauly's award-winning metal band, Spiral Trance, is also on the disc covering the BB tune, Freight Train!

The favor I ask is that you go to the following link and vote for Spiral Trance for a contest where they might get picked to play with legendary rock group, KISS! It's simple, takes less than a minute, and you are under NO obligation to buy me! The band is awesome and truly deserves the chance to play alongside KISS.

Here's the link...

And we want them picked for the Milwaukee show so where they ask you for a zip code please use a Milwaukee zip like, 53201, or 53202.




Check another item off in my Bucket List! Yes, whew...It is true, folks...I am now an officially recorded Rock Freaking Star!!! Bring on the motherluvvin' groupies (only ladies please)!!! Okay, okay...catch your breath...I know that you are all very excited reading this and are probably needing a moment to gather yourselves and some of you may have even fainted from the sheer magnitude of this awesomeness. But it is understandable.

It is also very true, by CROM!!! Yes! The week of June 8th thru the 13th we recorded the official BB WOLF & THE 3 LPS soundtrack back in Milwaukee at my bro-in-law's studio! And I can honestly say it is one of the top three coolest experiences I have ever participated in. The other two I only share with those closest to me...sorry. But anyway, leading up to the actual recording I was very nervous we'd be able to pull this whole thing off. I had three vintage BB WOLF & THE HOWLERS songs we had to put together. These are the never-before-heard "Lost Recordings" of BB's before his untimely death in 1920. Remastering them took many, many hours in the studio and then, on top of that monumental task, we had 12 other musicians (my self included. I played washboard on one track and sang on another! YES!) to coordinate, get set up, record and then mix and engineer their songs. All in 5 days time! I honestly hoped we'd get 2 maybe 3 clean songs out of the deal and we got 7!!! Yes, seven! And I was amazed, delighted, cried with joy, high on adrenaline the whole time. All the songs came together beautifully (I could be crass and say something about myself here but I shall refrain) and Pauly my b-i-l worked some real magic as our engineer.

All kidding aside I have to say that hearing a song that I wrote come to fruition by some of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing literally brought me to tears. It was a very moving experience and I shall never forget it.

And it makes me want to do it again!

So the BB Wolf book FINALLY hits the stores next week! We're having a book release party at Comicopolis in downtown Santa Cruz on the 10th from 4pm to 8pm, and the cd will also be making it's official debut there as well! The books and cds and shot glasses and coasters will all be made available immediately thereafter on this here site. I hope that some of you reading this will be able to make the party as we will be having food (dead pig of course), drinks, prizes, music and me and JD signing our books and cds and the nibbly bodyparts of all the new groupies I am sure to now have as I am a FRIGGIN' ROCK STAR!!!




Hello true Believers!

Well, it's done! I just finished up my 12 page (and cover! See frickin' above) contribution for the upcoming "ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS; GEEKTACULAR" comic published by Moonstone Comics and 5Finity. It's awesome, it's full-color, it's The 3 Geeks, it's Zombies and it's cute, perky Cheerleaders! And, oh yeah, death and mayhem... so ya know yer gonna love it.

Seriously, though, I couldn't be more proud of this latest 3 Geeks adventure and thanks to Steve Frank from 5FINITY for asking me onboard for this project. Official release date has not been slated yet but the comics WILL be available by the time Comic-Con rolls around. Of this I have been assured! So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the cover art I posted above as a teaser.

BB WOLF AND THE 3 LPS is also hitting the shelves soon. May 19th is the slated date so far it'll land on you local comic shop's racks. And if you haven't ordered your copies yet, or forgot to (shame shame), you might still be able to through your shop, but if not they'll also be available through Top Shelf Production's website and through the official BB Wolf website and right here at good ole We'll hook you up, fret not.

THREE FINGERS 2nd printing will be nipping close at BB's heels as well. It was supposed to come out the same day but there was a file snafu with the old lettering files so we had to have Sean Konot, letterer extraordinaire swoop in and save the day! And Sean retooled the fonts to give the book a brand spankin' new look while he was at it. Then good ole Brett Warnock retooled the cover art and jazzed it up a bit as well. So I am disappointed it'll be a couple weeks later than BB but elated by the new look! And again, if you forgot to order, fret not (again) for they shall be made available at the aforementioned websites!

Anyone ever notice I use the word "aforementioned" a lot? I dig it, what can I say.

A'ight, thassit for this week.




Hey True Believers!

Well, it has finally come! The moment that Johnnie (JD) Arnold and I have been patiently waiting over 2 years for!...wait for it...Yes, it is true, the official Diamond Previews catalogue now lists (thereby proving the existence of) our new graphic novel BB WOLF AND THE 3 LPS!!! HOO-freaking-RAH!!! Seriously, I am thrilled, so poor old Johnnie is literally busting a nut over this as it's his first book. Help him bust the other nut by ordering your copy now!

Also re-listed in the very same catalogue is the long awaited 2nd printing of my book THREE FINGERS and also the 2nd GN I did with Top Shelf, THE KING! I believe we've done a sweet reboot of the cover design for THREE FINGERS and I'm told it's a hardcover this go 'round. Kinda very cool, no?

So go out to your local comic shop, grab the Previews Catalogue, let your little fingers do the walkin' to the Top Shelf Productions section, scan down to our books; BB Wolf and the 3 LPs, Three Fingers and The King and then fill out your order forms, by CROM!!! A small note! The BB WOLF book is listed at $14.95 and it's actually $12.95. A minor error in the listing, but hey! you've already saved 2 bucks! Suh-weet!

Maybe even order a few copies of each...what the hell. They make swell birthday or Christmas presents.

Here's an advance review from the very awesome comic book talent Greg Ruth...

Hey Johnnie-

Allright! I FINALLY carved out some time late last night and read your book. I didn't want to do it piecemeal, but rather try to swallow it whole and approach it that way. Despite the three chapter breaks , it is indeed a whole tale and singular I think.

That said- I really loved this! There's a naturalness to the way the story is told through the words and pictures that create something greater than it's parts. It does what comics should do strive for at the least: make us forget we're observing words and images separately and make us experience the tale forgetting both. This is not to say the art or writing is at all forgettable. Mr. Arnold's accented prose strikes a relentless tempo that grabs you by the ears and refuses to let go. Mr. Koslowski's confident and energetically rendered panels fill out the world and express so much more in undertone that respects both the story it's there to tell, and captures the reader's attention, clearly and rewardingly. In a time where gimmicky high-concept twists and turns are everywhere and empty in soul, this one keeps to a determined truth with overwhelming force. There's a grit and deeper truth being expressed here not despite the animalistic fairy-tale structure, but because of it. Subjects like race violence, corruption and injustice are constantly leaning toward polemics, which let's face it, no one really wants to read. But by approaching a moral loss in our history, through the story of the three-little pigs, this lushly painted graphic novel accomplishes something much more interesting. Sometimes obscuring the approach to a truth can strengthen its impact, and I think that's done marvelously here. Good comics need to be very well written and expertly drafted to get me to finish them, and I never put this one down for an instant until I was done. It's such a rare treat to find a collaboration of such equal merit, and value and it makes reading this book pure pleasure indeed. Great stuff- and hats off to everyone involved.

g online portfolio

On that note I can only say...



And a Happy New Year, too!

Happy New Year to all. Oh, except the losers who are inhabiting our upper floor of our duplex in Wisconsin who don't feel that they have to pay their rent on time that is--or pay it at all, really. Oh, and the guy up in Canada who stole a piece of 3 Geeks art and used it for his company logo for 6 years even though I very politely asked him not to and had to spend several thousand dollars to legally get him to cease and desist and then the courts ordered him to stop and compensate me for damages which, apparently, just like every other request, he has chosen to simply ignore. Oh, and the Canadian court system which, apparently, doesn't care if these losers show up in court or pay what they're supposed to and I'd have to spend thousands more to get the thousands he's been ordered to pay me and then spend thousands more to get recompensated for the thousands I spent to get the original thousands in the first place...

But everyone else?...HAPPY FRIGGIN' NEW YEAR!

Here's hoping that 2010 is MUCH better than 2009 which was freaking brutal for us. I am bound and determined to make 2010 as stress free as humanly possible starting with the eviction now in process for the aforementioned "losers" dug in like ticks in our duplex in WI (yep, that's gonna be another couple thousand, folks! weeee...).

2010 WILL be better, by Crom! It has to be. There's only one way up from the bottom, right?

A'ight, moving on...Spent last night at our new friends, Jon & Terry "Bean" Hastings playing Wii with Stella and having some good laughs. Wonderful people and you should seek out Jon's books when you get the chance. Jon and I will also be appearing at the next Slave Labor Graphics mini-Con held at their store/warehouse on January 16th if you're in the vicinity. Dan Vado was the founder of APE (Alternative Press Expo) which began in San Jose in the late 90s and is now a major event in comicdom. He's starting up this new con and I'm pretty optimistic it's going to grow into something special.

In other news...

Now that BB Wolf & The Three L.P.s has been officially slated for May 2010 along with the long-awaited second printing of Three Fingers I can move forward with my next BIG project! Unfortunately, at the time of my writing this blog, I'm not exactly sure what exactly that project is. Here's the rub...I've got 3 or 4 extremely solid, extremely fleshed out ideas that I've been itchin' to dive into and there's just one of me. So I've got to decide which one I like best. Again, unfortunately, I like 'em all equally. I guess I'll have to lay them all out in front of me and see what mood I'm in that moment and just go! And one of the ideas is pretty massive (as in ongoing series) so that one I might shelve until I can find another artist for the art duties and I just write the darn thing.

But I digress...

Needless to say, you'll be seeing some exciting new things this summer on the con circuit. If all goes according to plan I'll have three new books hitting this summer alongside a possible portfolio and some nice prints.

Y'know, maybe I've got a solid fifth idea I'll have to take a hard look at...maybe call it "My Year In Hell, 2009!" I did mention the loser up in Canada, right? Loser tenants, 5 weeks of pneumonia, a hernia surgery thrown in... Could be cathartic to write.





"FANTASTIC MR. FOX." Go see it! If you liked any previous Wes Anderson films (Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, Life Aquatic) you'll love this--and your kids will love it too. At least Stella did...she gets the subtle humor, though, and really digs it. I guess if your kid doesn't get subtle humor go without the kid, but still go before this film's out of the theatres. Pitch perfect performances from every cast member! The stop-motion animation was brilliant and the story top-notch. I never read the book but I'm going to now. I can't possibly imagine it's better than the movie but I feel compelled to give it a try.

Grade: A

In other news...

The second printing of THREE FINGERS has FINALLY been greenlit by Top Shelf for a May release to coincide with the release of BB WOLF AND THE 3 L.P.S. It was way too long a wait since 3F's been out of print for over 3 years but it's finally here. Why the long delay? Well, initially it was decided it would be better to release it with BB to strengthen both book's sales. I agreed with this even though it meant waiting a full year at the time. This was back in 2007 when BB was signed. The BB was delayed because TS was completely enmeshed in other big releases and the upcoming Surrogates movie. So another year passed with no 3F. Yep, I was frustrated...especially when people kept asking for the book at shows and I was out of copies. Then BB was delayed again by TS as Chris (Staros) fell behind on the edits as he was almost full tilt on promoting The Surrogates.

But finally it has been announced that 3F's going to be back in print and I couldn't be happier. Brett and Chris are talking about possibly making it a hardcover this time with a cover reboot--just a slight modification, though, as they both love the panoramic painted cover image on the original.

So keep your little eyes peeled for that true believers! I'll be pimpin' all my wares at this year's cons.

In other great news...

Thrilled to report that my buddy, Big Tim Lyons' family, raised $10,000 last week to aide in their son Ben's recovery from the devastating injuries he suffered while serving our country in Afghanistan this past summer. They had a spaghetti dinner in our hometown of Menomonee Falls, WI and over 250 people showed up along with a slew of media types! They had the dinner, a silent auction, bake sale and all kinds of fun for all while raising an extraordinary amount for Ben.

My faith in humanity has been temporarily restored so I'll save my rants (and trust me I've got a doozey!) for the next blog.

I shall end on that positive note.




Hey kids, Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! I've enclosed a brand spankin' new image I think appropriate for this festive day. Hope you all dig. It will be the cover art for what I hope turns into and upcoming graphic novel starring my 3 boys (The 3 Geeks for those who don't know. And if you don't get yerself edumicated right now). At the very least I'm thinking posters and greeting cards. Whattaya think?

In other news...

Finally got the chance to see my buddy Rob Venditti's movie The Surrogates the other night and was so very, very proud of my little 'Berto. Although I will agree with several reviewers comments that it could have been 20 minutes or so longer to better develop some aspects of the story, overall I found myself enjoying the film very much. Personally knowing Rob ('Berto) I'm so happy for his success as he's truly one of the nicest people in the comics biz. So get out there and get a copy of his Surrogates graphic novels. I also read his sequel "Flesh And Blood" and liked it even more than the original! So I wholeheartedly endorse the books.

In other news...

Just painted a new image for the upcoming (YES! It's true) BB WOLF AND THE THREE L.P.S graphic novel we've got coming out from Top Shelf in 2010. It's officially been slated for a May release now and we're just putting the finishing touches on the cover. So keep your eyes peeled for the solicitations. Of course I will keep you all posted right here at this very site! Promise.

In other news...

Stella and mom & dad are off to trick-or-treat soon. It's so nice going out in 65 degree weather as opposed to having to wear our winter coats and hats. Stella is Cleopatra this year and Sandy and I managed to cobble together costumes from Stella's old costumes! I will be a skunk and Sandy a witch. And aside from the costumes actually working and looking good the best part is that it costs us zero! We went to the local costume shop and the idea of shelling out 100 bucks for a couple of craptastic costumes we'd only wear once or twice just rubbed me the wrong way. My inner thighs are still chaffed from the thought.

So look for a 6 foot skunk prowling your neighborhoods tonight! And stay away from his tail cuz he had beans for lunch.




Hey kids,

It's up! And it looks fantastic! No ya pervs, not that...the official BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S website! Writer and good pal, J.D. Arnold and his good pal and business partner, Troy Geddes, have assembled a wonderful website all about our upcoming book. Yes, the book's release date nears...finally! All the edits have been made, a NEW page added and my good pal, CJ Bettin, is making all the necessary edits as I write this. Then Top Shelf gets the book in their schedule and we'll set the official release date.

Meantime check out the website for all kinds of cool stuff--additional character info, contests, sneak peeks at art and story, a whole lotta cool stuff!

Man, I'm using a lot of exclamation points in this blog!

And here's another peek at some BB art for you as a teaser.

Again, here's the new site's address...

I've also added the link on my website. Thanks for your interest and support.




Good evening, I'm delighted to announce that the official, super-limited, signed and numbered, officially graded CGC slabbed copies of THE 3 GEEKS: SLAB MADNESS are now available on the website! All three issues and the Baltimore Exclusive issue are available and I did super-limited "Signature Series" of these issues of only 10 copies each and 5 of the Baltimore Edition! They're super exclusive and super cheap so check them out on the site and grab 'em while they last.

In other news...My daughter Stella is in the thick of a wonderful fundraising event at her new school, Valencia Elementary. The school is selling raffle tickets for $5 each or a booklet of 6 for $25 for a brand new 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid or $25,000.00 cash!!! Much better than selling crummy Mr. Z's pizzas! In addition to the top prizes mentioned above there will also be 100 other fantastic prizes donated by local merchants. From what I've been told this is a HUGE event every year here and the other prizes are all pretty fantastic as well. If anyone out there wants to purchase some tickets write me through the site and I'll arrange to get you some. I can take PayPal payments. And ALL profits go directly to the school for academics, art and physical education. A great cause and a chance to win some BIG BUCKS!!!

Heck, anyone who orders any tickets...I'll throw in an extra goodie for you! A comic, or a sketch, maybe a t-shirt!...So it's an automatic win already!

All orders must be in before October 14th and the drawing is October 25th down at the world famous Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

In other news...Took Stella to see "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" today and it was a very pleasant surprise! Very clever, excellent animation, and a goodly amount of belly laughs. I would recommend this one giving it a very solid B+.

"PONYO" on the other hand?...Not. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w and very weird. Maybe it's a Japanese "film style" thing but there were so many scenes where absolutely nothing happened or they showed two characters walking for several minutes or doing some other inane thing for lengthy periods of time. Scenes that should have been a fraction as long to speed up the story--of which there was very little. And the spontaneous, maniacal laughs and facial gestures?... another Japanese style thing I guess. No laughs and a lot of yawns in the audience. Literally. When you can actually hear someone five rows in front of you yawning it's not good. And a big part of the boredom was due to the utter lack of a soundtrack or even sound effects of any kind. Not only was it painfully slow but it was painfully quiet. I know all the critics gave this one big thumbs ups and I'm baffled. My only guess is that they were all giving the creator a "lifelong achievement" reward for past works when they handed out their grades. My grade, the HONEST grade...D.

Other than that I'm going to be at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) October 17th & 18th in San Francisco so make sure to get out for that one. Deals aplenty will be there for your taking!

Thassit for now.


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