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Imagine my surprise today when a package arrived from Marvel Comics and I could immediately tell it was a bit too small to have comics inside and much too large to be an envelope with a big fat check inside (more on that later!). So I wondered what the heck it could be as I tore open the box...(BTW, the box went to our old address and then our tenant forwarded it to us here in CA--this took about 2 1/2 weeks--this little detail bears fruit in the "P.S." portion of the blog at the bottom of the page. Read on...)

Here's what I found...


present this PRISM COMMENDATION to Weapon Omega

In recognition of an outstanding contribution that demonstrates the entertainment industry's sincere efforts to accurately depict drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction or mental health in a comic book storyline or graphic novel.

April 23, 2009

Brian L. Dyak President & CEO Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Eric B. Broderick, D.D.S., M. P.H., Assistant Surgeon General Acting Administator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration"

How cool is that?! I/we got a plaque/commendation for the Weapon Omega series! Completely taken off-guard, was I! Flabbergasted and flattered. Pretty darned proud.

Yep, it's going up on the wall, true believers! And it's going right to the top of the ole resume!

I gotta stop now, the tears are making the screen blurry.



P.S. Regarding the "more on that later" thing...By COMPLETE coincidence I also got a royalty check from Marvel today for the Weapon Omega Trade Paperback! How COOL is that??!! For one brief moment the stars aligned for me. And, no, before anyone gets too excited I won't be buying a Mercedes Benz anytime soon. It wasn't a Bendis royalty check.


Hey kids,

THE SHROUD OF ALLEN T-Shirts are finally here--hot off the presses! Just picked them up today. Some of you have been asking about their availability and I'm sorry for the delay but good pal, CJ Bettin, who sometimes helps on the design aspects of my books is also my t-shirt guy and he was just plain swamped at work and couldn't get to them earlier. Yep, I worked the "Buddy" angle so I was more than willing to be patient as he worked me a great deal. And because of that I can now offer the Tees at a reduced price!!! YES! Instead of the $16.95 I had them at in the comics I can now drop the price to an even $15 and that includes S&H.

Aha, cuz I love you all that much.

AND!...I've also worked up a "SLAB MADNESS Super Pack." Yessiree! In this pack I have all three issues of the Slab Madness mini-series, the Shroud Of Allen t-shirt, and a one-of-a-kind original 6"x6" ink-wash illustration of Allen, Jim or Keith (randomly selected)! All for the super price of $40!!! The comics and the original piece will be autographed and the S&H is included.

The t-shirts turned out very nice. CJ did a great job. The shirt is a natural tan color and the Image of Allen and "The Chosen One...He Who Grades!" lettering are both a dark brown that nicely compliments the color of the shirt.

Check out the site for the ordering info.


Just booked my flight for the awesome San Diego Comic-Con International. I'll be appearing in Artists Alley again this year and sketching my buttocks off.

And don't forget if you're in the San Jose area that I'll also be appearing at the SUPER-CON May 16&17.




Well...not exactly. YET! But check this out!...

My good buddy over at Archie Comics, Rik Offenberger, sent me an email last night with the subject header reading..."Saw your trailer on YouTube." Naturally I was puzzled as I am unaware of any trailers on YouTube. I thought he must have come across an old interview or something with me in it. So I open his email and it says simply...

"Cool trailer, any idea what is says in English?"

Okay, now I'm really puzzled and proceed to clicking on the address.

WOW! I had no idea what the heck any of it said but it was pretty cool. But midway through I must confess I was wondering who the hell made this thing. I thought maybe some ambitious fan. No clue. Then it ended and I saw the name Gal Editora with an email address and phone number and it clicked! I'd almost completely forgotten that I signed a foreign publishing deal with a Brazilian publisher last Spring. So 2+2 come together and I realize it must be them. So I email them and let them know I really dug the trailer and ask what the status on the Brazilian version of Three Fingers is? Is it out already? To my surprise they write me back immediately and let me know that the book's going to print this week! Cool. And they'll be sending me copies out right away. Very cool.

Here is the incredibly long url for the publisher if you want to check out their site. This is the english translated version. Cuz I care...

Interestingly, i was JUST talking with Sandy about putting a trailer like this together for promotional purposes a couple months back.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and hope that some of you might even be able to actually read it. I'll get to work on the english version asap!




Howdy Folks!

I am pleased to announce that issue #3 of 3 in the latest 3 GEEKS mini-series is now available! It'll hit stores this week or next (not completely sure which) and is available NOW @ $2.99 each through the website. I am also going to offer you a discounted 3 pack for $8 S&H included. The "SHROUD OF ALLEN" t-shirts are also available this week. I'll post an image as soon as possible on those but they are available for ordering @ $16.95 each and come in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. They are a light tan (natural) shirt with dark brown silkscreening.

Response was very good on this latest 3 GEEKS installment. Thanks to all for your continued support!

In other news...

BB WOLF AND THE THREE L.P.S is done and just waiting for Top Shelf to announce a release date. Many of their planned 2009 releases have been pushed back until 2010 because of the sagging economy. Sadly, it looks as if that'll be the case with BB WOLF. A lot of people have been asking for updates, wondering if the book is done or not, so there it is. Me and Johnnie are completely bummed about the delay but understand the economics of the decision.

In other news...

I will be attending the "Super-Con" in San Jose next month, May 16-17th. If you're in the San Jose area make sure and check out the con. I hear great things about it.

Other shows I'll be attending this year are COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL; WIZARDWORLD CHICAGO; MINNESOTA FALLCON and other possible cons will be BALTIMORE COMIC-CON and the second WINDY CITY CON which was the best single day con I ever attended last year--and it was the con's first year which made that fact all the more impressive.

In other news...

Am recovering from hernia surgery this week. Lots of fun. Couple months ago I had a quick, jarring slip on the ice while chucking some garbage. Felt a sharp pain in my groin. Weeks went by with no improvement so I googled WebMD and self-diagnosed myself with a sports hernia. Made an appointment with one of the world's best hernia surgeons who happens to have an office a mere mile from my house! How fortuitous! He diagnosed the hernia in about 46 seconds! And let me tell you that I've never been happier with bad news in my life! Let me explain...

10+ years ago I was in the midst of another grueling deer season at my dad's grocery store. There he does custom processing of wild game, i.e. deer, moose, bear, turkey, etc. Deer season is HUGE here in Wisconsin and we do a very brisk business processing deer every year. I am (was) the main skinner. Still hold the record for skinning the most deer in an hour (13) and the most in a season (386). And this was back when everything was done by hand, no winches. Not bragging, just stating a fact and laying the groundwork for the idiocy that follows. It was one deer season where we were skinning away, knee-deep in corpses and flowing male testosterone that a challenge was made. A friend asked if I thought I could military press another friend. Said friend being Craig Ploetz who weighed in at about 180 pounds. I accepted as I was pumped up with the aforementioned testosterone and an abundance of confidence. And so I grabbed Craig under the armpits, bent slightly at the knees, and hoisted Craig up into the air triumphantly!

The sharp, hot, searing feeling in my lower belly that accompanied the successful lift was unexpected.

A few months went by and the pain subsided.

A few years later it was still there. A low, dull ache in my lower abdomen. So I went to the doctor.

Doctor ran the traditional hernia tests and came up with nothing. Alrighty then.

Couple more years pass and the pain persists. So I make another appointment. Does the same test for a hernia. Nothing. I voice my concerns about cancer. He orders a battery of tests with the Urologists and whatever they call the doctors who make you drink that horrible Barium liquid and then surprise you in the "Barium drinking room" with the little tidbit about having to also insert the barium into your rectum so they can get as thorough a catscan as possible of your entire lower abdomen area. "Wha...?" Insert what where?" was the reaction I believe I gave.

Let me tell you when they stick that little tube into you and then tell you to take a deep breath and expect to feel a bit of pressure...let me tell you it's not as fun as one would hope.

Anyway, after running to the bathroom after that ordeal, then driving home as fast as I could to run to the bathroom at home then returning to same bathroom 20 more times that day, I didn't care what the results were at that point I just wanted to have solid feces again.

Anyway, no hernia, no prostate issues and no cancer. All good news. Except that I still had this undiagnosed pain.

Couple more years go by and I'm moving a couch up a flight of stairs. Same hot flash in the same spot.


Wait a few weeks. Call the doctor. Run some tests. Nothing.

Fast forward to present day. I tell my surgeon all of this and, apparently, I had the original tear/hernia, but it healed over enough to avoid detection. Then it happened again same way. Result, the discomfort I felt for the past 10 years. And then I gave her a GOOD one and really ripped open a hole. And it was probably more severe because of the previous 2 tears.

SO hopefully now we've got it repaired and the 10+ year pain will go away.

It was an exciting week. Bathroom trips being the most challenging. The Oxycodone was a good time though. Except the rainy night where I kept waking up thinking/hallucinating that a murderer was creeping around in the room with me. That kind of sucked.

A'ight. That's it for now. Keep it real and stay off the icy patches.




Hey all,

Hope you all have a Happy New Year (well, not ALL of you actually...there's a few turds out there that I know read this who I honestly hope have miserable New Years).

We just got back from a much needed vacation from sunny Florida where the temperatures ranged from 60-80 degrees. Again...why does anyone live in Wisconsin??? Seriously, the weather was perfect the whole 9 days we were there and we all did some serious "battery recharging."

We went swimming every day but one, went to the ocean a few times, miniature golfing, saw Tale Of Despereaux (mediocre), I went golfing and did rather well thank you, and, in general ate, drank and slept in excess! It was glorious.

Once back I put the finishing touches on issue #2 of the 3 issue 3 GEEKS mini-series--of which issue #1 will officially hit the stands next week! I just got my copies back from the printer today and the new "blue" cover looks fantastic! (image enclosed above)

Thanks must go out to the fellas over at CGC for their support and great senses of humor; My man Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics fame for his continued support; Jonah Weiland over at Comic Book Resources and Michael Lorah from Newsarama for doing the interviews and pimping the new series!!!

This "regular" edition is now also available on the website! Go get yours now!

Issue 2 goes to the printer tomorrow with Issue 3 to follow a month later.


In other news...

I see the hierarchy at Packers central must have read my last blog because they gutted the entire defensive coaching staff. See the power and influence I have?!!! Feels good.

In other other news...

I promised an update on the 3 Geeks movie awhile back and here it is...Officially DOA. Sadly, the director/producer I signed with a couple years back found himself having to take on other jobs (bills and all to pay) and The 3 Geeks kept getting pushed back until the 2 year agreement we signed came to its end. I decided against renewing it to seek out other options available to me. So if you're a big Hollywood mucky muck, or know a big Hollywood mucky muck let me know! I also had an offer recently to develop 3 Geeks "webisodics" but passed on that as well. The deal was enticing but in the end I decided to shoot for bigger things.

Thassit for now.




Hello friends! It is out of the generous kindness currently kindling in my heart that today I make you all this very special offer...

BUY ANY ONE ITEM OFF THE WEBSITE AND GET ANOTHER ITEM OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE FOR FREE!!! Yep, by golly, you read that right. Find something you're digging on on the site, buy it, and you get to pick out another item that's the same price or LESS and I give it to you for FREE! And here's what you do...When you do all the mumbo-jumbo you gotta do PayPalling and such you'll see a spot on the order form that says something like "Special Instructions" or some such thing. THAT is where you will indicate the second FREE item that you want.

Pretty simple, eh? I think so.

So go nuts! And, of course if you pay for 2 items you get 2 additional items for free, 3 items purchased 3 free, and so on...You get the drill.

AND! AND!!!...Just today I have finally made the new 3 Geeks: Slab Madness "Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive" #1 available on the site! That's right! This is #1 of a 3 issue series that's currently being solicited in the catalogues for January release. But this is the very limited "Exclusive" edition that was made available earlier this Fall at the Baltimore Comic-Con and limited to only 500 copies. And I've only got about 20 copies left, folks, so nab 'em up while you can. It's a great issue with the usual 3 Geeks mayhem and hilarity.

So shop on the site! Do it! Now! Oh, wait, finish the blog first...

SYNECHDOCHE, NY! by Charlie Kaufmann.

Went to Charlie Kaufmann's newest film last night, the strangely titled, "Synechdoche, NY" starring Phillip Seymour Hoffmann. I don't know what Mr. Kaufmann has planned next but I just cannot imagine anything more creative than this, his latest effort, which must be dubbed an absolute masterpiece. I admit, halfway through this film I thought he completely went off the deep end and may have just simply tried too hard. But I was a huge fan of his previous films I was willing to wait and see, giving him full benefit of the doubt. And it was worth it. The first half did move rather slowly and rather strangely, but it all came together in the second half and really delivered in the final 15 minutes. I hate giving away plots and such when I review a film and will spare you here by just giving you the merest sliver of an outline... Hoffmann plays a playwright in a shaky, stale marriage. He's beginning to suffer the aches and pains that come with middle age. His wife leaves for Germany to exhibit her microscopic paintings and takes their daughter with her. Hoffmann is left alone and distraught over the decision to leave him back. The film then starts to weave in and out of reality and the "play version" of Hoffmann's life that he's simultaneously producing as his real life proceeds. Every daily detail, ailment and tragedy is written into the play as it unfolds in real life. Thusly the play becomes ENORMOUS and never-ending, constantly adding new characters and sets. The play of his life, and the movie itself, becomes massive in scope and depth and philosophical questions about life. It's intense, thought-provoking, very sad, and very enlightening. But you have to pay attention! If you like Adam Sandler films and Star Wars Phantom Menace this film ain't for you!!!

Let me just say that if you liked his prior films, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ADAPTATION, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND then you will absolutely relish this film!

A'ight! Thassit for now, I guess. Oh Wait! "BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S" is almost entirely "in the can." Just finished up the edits and fixing the typos last week. Next blog I'll post a teaser shot for you. But start looking for the hype on that book soon.




Hello True Believers!

Just a few quick updates for ya since some of you have actually expressed some mild to middling interest... Thanks Mom.

The 3 Geeks Movie!...

Well, the cameras have yet to start rolling...or digitizing or whatever the hell they do now. It has been frustrating, believe me. But I remain optimistic, nonetheless, and will keep you posted. There's really basically nothing to report on the movie front.

But the good 3 Geeks news is the new 3-issue mini-series which issue #1 is now being solicited. So order your copies now! The 3 issues will run back-to-back-to-back (cover from #2 posted here today!). Solicited Nov, Dec, Jan for Jan, Feb, March releases. The boys tackle to whole CGC "slabbing" debate in this mini-series...and they do it in typical, over-the-top 3 Geeks style. It's outrageous fun and the fine fellas over at CGC are completely endorsing this! 'Course, they haven't seen what I'm doing to them yet. Ha Ha Ha...

Three Fingers...

Three Fingers is currently out of print in the USA! That's right, sold out! I believe a new print run will be out in 2009 but, presently, I have no publisher attached. So if you just happen to run a multi-million dollar publishing house feel free to gimme a jingle.

The Italian edition, Quattro Dita, just recently came out, however! Very cool, since Lasagna still ranks in my top 3 all-time favorite foods. I dig on pizza too, man. Quattro Dita translates to "Four Fingers" actually--which struck me weird--but was explained to me that they don't call the thumb a thumb over in Italy. It's one of five fingers on the hand. So they felt if they were to remain with a title translated to read "Three Fingers" it would confuse their readers. Okay, I can buy that I guess. As long as it sells decently I ain't gonna quibble.

BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S...

BB is just getting it's final tweaks on the lettering/editing and I gotta tell ya it's looking absolutely beautiful. Johnnie and I are very proud and very anxious (especially Johnnie--this will bust his publishing cherry, y'know!) to see the project come to it's final fruition and have it in your hands! We're being told from the braintrust at Top Shelf that they're looking at a summer release. Definitely be ready at Comic-Con 2009 from what I'm gathering. We've also recruited cover wunderkind Matt Kindt to assist us with the cover design! This is quite a coup for us as Matt is one of the top cover artists in the biz.

The King!...

Been a few foreign editions out, the latest the german one, I think. Also, some potentially exciting new news on The King front but I'm just going to leave it at that for now. A big fat tease.

And after I'm finished with the 3 Geeks mini and the finishing touches on BB Wolf I'll be moving onto some other VERY exciting projects! I've got a few things cooking but, again, gonna stay hush hush for now. It's a superstition thing. Don't wanna jinx anything. One of the things that will be a "for sure" though is a sketchbook. I've been doing some very nice commissions over the past couple years and it struck me that I should cobble together a sketchbook. So I'm on that and looking for a summer/Comic-Con release.

I'm also looking hard at an "Omnibus" edition collecting all the 3 Geeks stories...also toying with full-color on that! "Toying" currently the operative word. It's looking like a strong possibility, though, as I'm just about out of all back stock on all the issues. So if you need anything get it now!

That's about it for this week. No bitching about roofers (although they all do still suck total @$$!) or pithy jokes. Just some publishing updates for my devoted readers. Because they deserve it BY CROM!




Hey kids,

Proud to announce that the trade paperback collection of the Weapon Omega story I wrote (art by the Italian duo of Andrea DiVito & Marco Checchetto!), which ran in the first 12 issues of Marvel Comics Presents, just hit the stores today! And I must say it's a pretty sweet package (much like myself). And not only does it collect the 12 8-page segments that I did but it also includes the Prologue of Micheal Pointer, aka Weapon Omega, aka The Guardian that appeared in the "Civil War: The Initiative" one-shot which was written by one Brian Bendis and penciled by Marc Silvestri! And the cover is eye-popping! It's by the brilliant Mike Choi with colors by Sonia Oback. So you're getting a very nice collection here all for the measly price of $12.99!

Get yer hind-ends off the couch and to your local comic shop now!

Or order it off this here very website and I'll sign it for you and give you FREE shipping and handling.

DO IT!!! NOW!!!

I will be at the "Windy City Con" this Saturday if you're in that neck of the woods. "That neck" being Chicago if you hadn't gleaned that by the name of the con. Google Windy City Con for directions. It's only the 2nd year this con's been held but from what I've heard about last year's show it's destined to become a serious playah on the con circuit. So be there!


I'm in the thick of the 2nd issue of the new 3 GEEKS mini-series which officially launches with #1 in January (Novembers Previews catalogue for ordering). It looks like it'll be a 3-issue mini-series right now and I couldn't be happier with the way the story's going thus far. It's called "Slab Madness" for those of you unawares, and it involves the boys and the CGC (Comics Guaranty Corp)--you know, the guys in Florida who grade comics. Anyway, it's the usual fun and hijinx you'd expect from The 3 Geeks so make sure you order your copies.

Some of you may have already picked up part 1 at the Baltimore Comic-Con where it debuted as an "exclusive." If so, thank you and be patient...I know part 2&3 is a ways away but it'll be worth the wait, I promise! And I'm running 1,2 & 3 in consecutive months. They'll be solicited in the Nov, Dec and January Previews catalogues for Jan, Feb and March shipping. So order heavy and please tell your local retailers to order copies as well.

Alright, that's enough pimpin' of my product for now.

Rays beat the Sox which delighted me to no end and the World Series starts tonight. I'm pulling for the Rays again...have to! From worst to first?! Come on...if you're not rooting for these guys you have no soul...and if you were rooting for the Phillies anyway that just proves my point!!! I'm sorry but it's true, Phillies fans are the WORST! I've seen them live and in person and it was not pretty. You fans don't deserve a champion. Sheesh, you're worse than Cubs fans.

A'ight, thassit.




Hello all. My good pal, Jim Droese, called me this morning to inform me, with some measure of glee, that my book THREE FINGERS had made it into this new book entitled, "500 ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS; THE ULTIMATE GUIDE" by Gene Kannenberg Jr. and published by Collins/Design (Harper/Collins).


Yep. So I rushed right out to Barnes & Noble and grabbed the last copy! Ironic that it was in the Graphic Novel section of B&N and my books in this book but B&N doesn't stock my book!...sigh. Anyway, got the book, looked up my book in the book and felt my nips stiffen! Yep, very sweet.

It's a VERY nice book and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm in it. Nope. I'd probably had picked it up even were I not. This is a fantastic package and does, indeed, highlight 500 excellent graphic novels, many of which already adorn the shelves in my own library.

So, first off, rush out and get your copy (or order it online) and second, heed the advice within and get your copy of THREE FINGERS! Oh and guess what?!!! You can order that right off this very site! Oh, and guess what again? I have the last 200 copies available right now as it is currently out of print and won't be reprinted until 2009. So that's right...if you want a "First Printing" you can only get them here right now. Hee hee hee, the POWER!!!!

A'ight, that's about it for now. Had my Fantasy Football draft this past Sunday (my good buddy, the aforementioned Jim Droese, is my FF partner BTW) and it went swimmingly. I hate Randy Moss's guts but just had to take him with the 6th pick...consarn it all! Ironically ended up with one Brett Lorenzo Favre as my backup QB, too! Strange. Y'know, 5 years ago I scoffed at all the FF hoopla, but I gotta say it is alot of fun! Makes me care about the NFL! I was a casual/semi-serious fan at best before but now I'm constantly monitoring the points board. Something to do. And, hey, it's gambling! Me likey to gamble.

Okay. I'm out!




Hello again my dear friends.

It is with delight that I inform you of the brand spankin' new 3 GEEKS comic that will be debuting at the Baltimore Comic-Con September 27-28th as a limited "exclusive!" Yes, that's right!...A limited exclusive people! 500 copies. That's it. The comic will then be slightly altered and distributed through the normal channels, though, so fret not true believers, you will be able to nab yourselves a copy (or multiples if you're a TRUE collector) if you miss out on the exclusive.

And it's all Marc Nathan's fault! Marc runs the Baltimore show and coaxed me into bringing the boys back out of their semi-retirement by lavishing me with a free booth and hotel room and this exclusive deal. I couldn't resist.

So what's it about you ask? Well as you may have gleaned by the cover image the boys tackle the great CGC debate in this issue. To slab or not to slab?...that is the question! It's the usual madcap adventure fraught with mayhem and the typical brand of humor and hijinx you'd come to expect from The 3 Geeks.

We're also hoping to make this extra special by getting some of the 500 copies slabbed there at the con! Yeah, we're making this a fun one, folks! And just in case you're wondering if the fellas over there at the CGC are okay with this? Heh Heh Heh...who cares!!! Nah, just kidding, they're completely on board with it. Happy to report that they have wonderful senses of humor over there and are big fans of the book. Steve Borock is, sadly, no longer with CGC but has always been one of The 3 Geeks biggest supporters...he also owns about 25 pieces of original art from my books...God love 'im. Now they've got another good friend, Paul Litch, at the helm. Those are the two knuckleheads who you see adorning the cover with the boys and their nemesis, Sky Branovan. In case you were wondering.

A'ight, that's it for now I guess.

My foot's still in a cast and will be for another 4 weeks. Finally saw The Dark Knight yesterday and really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll give my two cents review in next week's column but although I did love it I still liked Iron Man better. And the one main reason I think is that Iron Man was more well-rounded. Iron Man had the one thing the The Dark Knight did There was no joy at all in The Dark Knight. Very dark, very moody. And I'm all for that but, geez, can Bruce Wayne ever be happy? even for, say, 2 minutes? And, again, all that being said I still did love this movie so don't jump all over my shit when you see me, alright?




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