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Hello True Believers!

I will be, once again, doing the "dog and pony" show at this year's Big Wow! Comics Festival in San Jose, CA. The past 2 years that show has grown by leaps and bounds (over tall buildings one might even say) and I expect another terrific show this year. The show runs May 17-18th. Here's the website link if you want more info...

I'll be set up selling my own books and original artwork as well as selling art supplies as ART SUPPLIES, INK., my other full-time endeavor. If you didn't know my family and I opened an art supplies store in Aptos, CA last year.

I also have a massive original piece that will be in the Big Wow! art auction. Thor vs Hulk! I had a blast drawing/inking this piece as the battle and ongoing debate over who's stronger has always fascinated me. Easy answer btw: Hulk is stronger but Thor is more powerful. Anyway, if you're going to the show make sure to get in on the bidding.

In other news! I'll also be setting up at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL this summer. Then at STOCKTONCON and this fall at APE. Look for me at those shows.

I also recntly finished my screenplay adaptation of my illustrated novel, THE LIST. Adapting it into screenplay form was a great challenge and I enjoyed every second of it. I've really learned to appreciate what screenplay writers have to do in adapting a previously published work. It's nowhere near as easy as it may seem. Even when it's your own work!

So, fingers crossed that someday soon there's some action on that. Of all the things I've worked on I've always felt that THE LIST was the most marketable for a Blockbuster type of film. We shall see....




Well, Comic-Con is over and I have (almost) recovered fully from the sensory overload. Once again it was overwhelming, inspiring, exhausting, frustrating, uplifting, intoxicating (literally) and my feet still hurt.

The highlight this year for me was the signing with Gene Simmons at the Archie booth. Kiss Alive II was the very first album I remember buying as a wee lad and immediately thereafter I was a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the Kiss Army! So, fast forward 30 some odd years later and I'm inking the Archie Meets KISS mini-series and meeting the Demon himself and signing comics together! it was, indeed, a fanboy dream come true for me.

I also had a great time seeing old friends and finding new fans for my books. It's always a tremendous feeling finding a new reader for my books--a feeling that never gets old.

Next stop is Stockton, CA on August 5th at the inaugural "StocktonCon" which is being held at the Alex G. Spanos Center/University of the Pacific. Show hours are from 10-5pm. I am one of the "Guests Of Honor" at the show, thank you very much. Here's the link if you want to check it out...

After that I believe my next con will be the Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco. And there's a new con run by former APE founder, Dan Vado, of Slave Labor Graphics this fall in San Jose as well. More details to follow on that.




Ugh!... Yeah, it's that time of year again...Loin Girding time for San Diego Comic-Con International. As I write this I am a mere 48 hours away from heading out for the 8 hour drive down. I am already tired...

Anyway, I will be set up this year at the 408 CLUB GRAPHICS booth in the Independent Publishers Pavillion--which is fancy talk for somewhere kind of in the middle of the show floor. More towards all the comic book stuff and away from the obnoxious noise down at the video game end of the floor.

I will also be doing a few signings at the Top Shelf booth and Archie Comics booth. So I hope to see some of you there! I will have all my books on hand and some new poster/prints as well. I have included one of the new poster/prints here for your perusal.

Okay, time to pack, make sure I have all my books and art and such and also to get properly fitted for the hernia belt...




Greetings, True Believers!

Off to San Jose for the BIG WOW! COMIC FEST this weekend. I will be set up at a booth selling my goodies and also repping my publisher, Top Shelf, so I'll have their line of books available as well.

I've also got all kinds of new art for sale and some previews of upcoming projects! So make sure to stop over and check it all out (and buy ridiculous amounts of stuff!).

In other news...

I saw THE AVENGERS last week and all my hopes and dreams as a lifelong Avengers fan came true! Thanks to everyone involved in bringing that comic book to life. The script was superb, the dialogue smart and funny, and the actors ALL nailed their parts! We walked away from that movie so completely satisfied we were actually at a loss for words. Best super-hero movie ever made? Yeah, certainly was the most fun. Iron Man and Dark Knight are certainly just as good if not better, but it's the old "Apples and Oranges" argument. Avengers trumped the other two in all-out fun action for sure.

I have to give Marvel a lot of credit for setting up all the previous films and leading into this one as well as they did...and now, hopefully, carrying them all forward. The teaser (not gonna blow it here, don't fret) at the end of Avengers actually had me saying, "Holy shit..." under my breath at the ned as well. "Under my breath" I said, Stella was sitting next to me.

And the previews for the new Batman and Prometheus have me excited for their releases. Could be a summer of some seriously kick-ass films!

And on that note!... The screenplay for my illustrated novel, THE LIST, is in the can! After almost 2 years of developing the project, getting it all prettied up, our team has it ready to present to the "powers that be." So, hopefully, THE LIST will be a movie that will have a lot of you excited to see very soon.

This also means that a newly published edition of the long-out-of-print book will be available very soon as well. Stay tuned!

Okay, off to San Jose!... Do you know the way?!...If not please see Ms Dionne Warwick.




Greetings comrades,

WonderCon 2012 fast approaches and it time to appropriately gird our collective loins for "Comic-Con jr." For that is what WC has become. Over the past few years WC has grown from a nice, medium sized convention to a behemoth just shy of Comic-Con's magnitude. And now that it'll be in Anaheim (huh? Closer yet to the Hollywood peeps!) I'm expecting even more hooplah and frenzy than ever before.

I will be manning the Top Shelf Comics booth, aided and abetted by my wife Sandy and protege Stella (International Award winning artist!) and Mr. JD Arnold will also be splitting time at the TS booth and a spot in Artist's Alley. I'll have all the Top Shelf books and a slew of my own titles (The 3 Geeks; Geeksville; Archie) and a ton of Original Art for sale. If you make it down to WC this year please stop by the booth and say hello...then buy everything on the table so I can impress my bosses at Top Shelf and they feel compelled to offer me some ridiculous multi-book deal worth sick amounts of money.

I'd appreciate it.

OH! Also--if it's not too much to ask--bring Mr. Spielberg or Mr. Whedon or some other Hollywood powerhouse over (preferably a little drunk) to broker a deal on one of my properties. If it's not too much trouble. Kind of a dream of mine. Y'know, 300 million dollar movie, sequels, toys, etc.

Again, I'd appreciate it. I'll do my best to get you an "Executive Producer" credit on the film(s).

And I'll get you drunk.

Okay, WC in, what?!, five more days!!! Holy smokes.




Hello true believers!

Tomorrow marks the first day of the first ever IMAGE COMICS EXPO located at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, CA. I shall be there with all my Image back issues and other books, original art, and sunny disposition. So if you're in the Oakland area please stop in and check it out. Image was pretty smart stepping in in the absence of WonderCon's presence in the Bay area this year so I'm hoping they get a good turnout.

There will also be a pretty cool panel on THE WALKING DEAD that I'm hoping I can get away from the booth to see myself.

And it appears that all the Image founders will be attending as well. So that's pretty cool, eh?

The show runs Friday (3pm-8pm), Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (10-5).

See you there!




Giddyup! I just signed up for the Image Comics Expo being held in Oakland, CA at the Oakland Convention Center Feb 24-26th. Check out the website for all the pertinent details at

They look to "fill the void" left by WonderCon's absence from the Bay area this year. They've got a pretty impressive lineup slated for the show and it looks to be a lot of fun. So check it out all you Bay area comic books fans!

And fret not WonderCon fans, for they have not stopped but just moved for 2012 down to Anaheim, CA this March. I will also be there for that show manning the Top Shelf booth with my lovely wife and daughter. Yep, Chris and Brett decided to trust me with the money...tee hee hee...

So, after initially NOT planning on any winter/spring shows for early 2012 I am now doing two rather BIG shows! And I'm fairly ecstatic that I am.

So hope to see you there!

word. R


One of my favorite shows when I was a kid was Magilla Gorilla. And Grape Ape was cool, too. Although I barely remember either of them now. Isn't that sad? Mr Magoo, too. Loved that show! Now all I remember is he was an old dude with really bad eye sight and hijinx ensued.

Anyway, APE! The Alternative Press Expo, folks! It returns once again this weekend in splendid San Francisco, CA and I will be there once again shlepping my wares and meeting the peeps and buying all kinds of fantastic stuff I can't find anywhere else! And that's what makes it such a great convention...NO, not the "me being there part"...well, yes I guess that does make it a great convention, sure. But I meant the "can't find anywhere else" part! Most of the artists and writers there are selling books and original art that doesn't make it to the mainstream venues like Barnes and Noble or Borders (especially not Borders anymore, eh? sad) or even most comic book specialty shops. And alot of this stuff is absolutely kick ass! Like my stuff, of course. And I'm one of the fortunate few "Indy Artists" who's had some commercial success.

So, if you've got the time or the inclination to seek out and discover some truly inspired and original reads I strongly recommend your visiting the APE! I will be there both days, Oct 1 and 2 and my lovely daughter, Stella, will be set up again with me selling her own sketches on Sunday the 2nd. Saturday she has a big Soccer game. I'm the head coach. One of us had to be there and represent.

Hope to see you there!




Hey all!

Quick note. I still have some KING artwork up on eBay for those of you interested and I have dropped the prices on a couple of the pieces. I've also been posting Archie pages, BB WOLF pages and a TON of comics, graphic novels, dvds and other cool goodies. So go check it out! My eBay user ID is: poo666 and that'll make it lickety-split for you to find my listings.

In other news...

Mr. Dan Vado hosted another great little con last weekend at the Slave Labor Graphics headquarters. He's been doing these warehouse shows every few months and I encourage anyone in the area to go and check them out. He usually has 14-20 artists there and sales on all SLG books as well. It's intimate and the energy in the room is fantastic. I've done as well there in a one day 5 hour show as I've done in the same amount of time at shows like Comic-Con where a bajillion and one people walk through the doors.

My next con will be APE October 1,2 in San Francisco. Please come out for a fantastic show! APE is the premiere "Independent Press" show in the US. I believe there are over 200 exhibitors at the show and as many, if not more, artists and writers.

After that I'll be taking a few months off from cons to keep moving along on my newest graphic novel! Yep, I've got something cooking and I can't wait to make an official announcement soon. So stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime enjoy this rendition of PINHEAD I just did the other day! It may see print in a very prestigious magazine very soon, fingers crossed! (No, the new graphic novel is NOT a Pinhead related story in case you're wondering)




Hello True Believers!

Well, I think I have JUST finally recovered from the mental and physical trial I affectionately call Comic-Con International! Yeah, I'm older now so cut me some slack...A hangover lasts two days now for me too. I just don't recover as quickly these days. And don't get me started on my right foot! Yeesh, I'm not kidding, that foot was so sore from all the walking and standing at the show that when I woke up Monday after the con it was swollen like a balloon and I could barely put any weight on it. Next year fashion be damned, I'm wearing my orthopedics!

So, the show?... Yes, it was typically exhausting/invigorating, overwhelming/awe-inspiring, encouraging and discouraging all at the same time. I went full tilt about 19 hours of each of the 4 days and nights I was there and had two days of travel. Add the 3-4 days of prep time and the 3-4 days of recovery and catching up with work days after and Comic-Con pretty much takes over the last 3 full weeks of July. I'm still actually doing follow-ups and working some angles for new work and such.

I was also able to enjoy dinners with friends, colleagues and a few film contacts. That's always my favorite part of the con...Going out for fine food and lots of booze! And the latter part was indulged in to the "excessive" side unfortunately.

I was also able to get into a couple of the exclusive parties again this year thanks to manager extraordinaire, Dannie Festa! The Zach Levi party was unreal! I met Nathan Fillian who always seems to be enjoying himself immensely and is always gracious with the fans. Spotting Malin Akerman on the dance floor was surreal as the heavens seemed to literally open up and shine a bright beam of light down upon her! She really has that "X" factor that makes her dazzle. A truly beautiful woman. Elijah Wood was DJing which was kinda cool, and, again, surreal. And then fellow Hobbit, Dominic Monaghan, lended a hand at one point. I spotted Jonah Hill who has dropped about 200 pounds! Good for him...he obviously wasn't following my diet that week. And I capped the evening by saying "Hello and great job on the Star Trek movie" to a very friendly Zachary Quinto, which made the little fanboy geek in me squeal with delight! I gotta say, I'm fully hetero, but that's one good looking dude! So was Zach Levi BTW! Basically all guys named Zach at the party were hot.

So SDCC was really great this year. I sold lots of books at the Top Shelf booth, saw a lot of old friends, had fun with the Archie alumni over at their booth, ate like a king and drank like Volstagg and got about 3 hours of sleep a night. All-in-all I'm going to rank this year's con an 8.5 out of a possible 10! And that's a fantastic score. The only thing keeping it from a 10 would be "no big movie deal signed" "no big book deal signed" "no crazy sex parties"...but other than that a near-perfect show. Oh, and the foot that looked like a fresh baked loaf of bread, of course.

Next show for me will be APE October 1-2 so I hope to see some of you there. After that I have no set plans until 2012 for cons. I will, however, be hard at work gearing up for 2012. I'm hard at work on a couple new books and still working on several film projects.

Other than we saw Captain America recently and were pleasantly surprised. I wasn't exactly thrilled when they cast Chris Evans as yet another Super-Hero (or villain) as that is all he seems to play. But he was really quite good as Cap! The movie was solid entertainment but it lacked a bit of soul we thought. Cap's all about heart, courage, intestinal fortitude, good moral values, etc... And while they showed that initially, they went away from it when it really counted in the end. It was really mostly an action flick. Dum Dum Dugan was awesome! The actor who played him (Neal McDonough) is always charismatic in all his roles and nailed Dum Dum. I've always thought him visually dynamic with that bowler cap and he looked very cool on screen.

Anyway, I score Captain America a B-/C+ or 6.5 out of 10. Worth seeing, yes. Enjoyable, yes. But not as great as it could have been. X-Men: First Class and Thor were far better.

Next stop, Planet of the Apes! I've heard mixed reviews so am going in with semi-low expectations. Of course it cannot be worse than the Tim Burton fiasco 10 years ago. Yuck, that one still leaves a rancid taste in my mouth.

A'ight, that's all I got for now.



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