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That's right, folks! All three of us (and many many more!) will be at the WizardWorld, Chicago Comic Book Convention August 19th-22nd!!! Held in beautiful Rosemont IL right near the good old O'hare International Airport.

I will be shilling my new goodies and entertaining the throngs of fanboys and girls with my usual wit and wisdom. I may also sing a few bars if you're really nice.

After hours me Pat and Bill (that's what I call them, they call me "Mr. Awesome") will be throwing down some Porterhouse steaks and knocking down martinis then hitting the Hyatt bar for some after hours elbow rubbing with the common folk. I might even be able to get those two knuckleheads to sing along with me on some of the BB Wolf tunes...they're HUGE fans.

So make sure to swing on out to Rosemont in a few weeks and we'll share a few laughs.

The very next week I'll be jet-setting out to Baltimore, MD for the Baltimore Comic-Con! I just happen to be a "Special Guest" at this year's Balt Show so make sure to stop by my booth and tell me how special I am. The Balt Show is held August 28-29th and will kick absolute ass (I DID mention I was going to be there, right?)!

Okay, if I don't see you at either one of those shows you will live to regret it...And you KNOW who I'm talking to.




Hey Kids,

Comic-Con 2010 is over and here's my report...

1) Exhausted

2) Annoyed with the massive crowds

3) Had a blast at the late night parties even though Maria Kanellis wouldn't wrestle me on PetCo Park's field...It was close though

4) New BB WOLF book and CD sold very well

5) BB Wolf was picked by USA Today as one of four books to get at the con! Found that out Wednesday before the show...That kind of kicked ass!

6) 3 Geeks fans were also pleased with new Zombies vs Cheerleaders book (as was I)

7) Lost voice sometime around noon on Friday, feet gave out sometime later that night

8) As of today (Thursday July 29) still not recovered

And there you have it. It was exhausting, inspiring, defeating, uplifting, aggravating, rewarding all wrapped up in one long and loud pop-culture atom bomb! See you all again next year with better shoes and plenty of Advil!

And in other news!... I've been deluging you all lately with "New Product" updates!...well, here we go again! FINALLY, after nearly 3 years of being out-of-print the new edition of my award-winning book, THREE FINGERS, is finally here! It arrived just in time for Comic-Con and has a spankin' new cover design and a spiffy new size that much easier to handle. I am so pleased to have this book in print again as fans have been asking for a long time for copies I just didn't have. So I've got the new edition posted on the website at $14.95 with free shipping and, as always, I'll happily sign it before sending it out.




Hey Kids,

Just got back from last weekend's WonderCon Comics Convention in San Francisco and then an extended vacation up in Napa Valley onto Sonoma Valley and finally through Point Reyes National Park. Whew!

The con this year was phenomenal! Attendance and sales were up from two years ago when I last went. WAY UP! I was completely unprepared for the amount of people coming through and, consequently, ran out of a few items for sale. So I'll definitely be back in 2011, folks, and I strongly recommend your attending if possible. It's a BIG show but not crazy big like it's sister show, Comic-Con. You can still comfortably mange the show floor without constantly bumping into other fans and there's still PLENTY of cool stuff to see. And most of the big publishers also attend.

This was also the first time I made available the original art from the upcoming BB WOLF AND THE 3 LPS graphic novel I illustrated and four pages and the cover sold. The response to the art was nothing short of amazing. I appreciate all who stopped by for a preview and the kind comments that you all had. I will start posting the original BB pages very soon on the site (I know, I've got some serious updating to do!). So keep your eyes peeled and get your pages!

Bottom line: Great show! Grade: A this year!

We then made our way to Napa Valley for some fine wine tasting. With my pockets full of comic sales cash we went hog wild and spent it all on some of our favorite wineries. If you're ever in the area we strongly recommend visiting "Frog's LeaP winery. They're an organic winery and produce some of the smoothest, finest tasting wine you'll ever have the pleasure of drinking. Their Rutherford red is unreal. It costs a few bucks coming in at $75 for a bottle but the quality is second-to-none and for that special occasion it's well worth it.

We then went to the world famous Chateau Montelena. CM became world famous back in the early 80s when it went to compete against the finest French wines and won 1st place for their Chardonnay. This propelled them to instant fame and fortune and the story was made into one of the best films we've ever viewed, "Bottle Shock" starring Bill Pullman, Alan Rickman and the then newcomer to hollywood, Chris Pine. Great movie even if you're not a wine fan. Anyway, we saw the movie a year back and committed ourselves to getting up to CM whenever we got back to Napa. Well worth the wait and the trip! The chateau is one of the most beautiful buildings you'll ever see, folks. Built in the 1860's I believe? Something like that. Beautiful architecture, beautiful surroundings with a lake, and fantastic tasting wine! We bought a bottle of the famous Chardonnay and an equally impressive Cabernet. Yum...can't wait to create a special occasion here so we have good reason to crack open all the fine purchases we made.

I'm guessing the releases of BB WOLF and the re-release of THREE FINGERS next month! Notice how I slipped in that plug? That's called smart advertising.

After Napa we made our way over to Sonoma Valley. WOW! We really liked it over in Sonoma. A very charming, quaint, village setting in the main square of town. Filled with lots of fine restaurants, boutique shops and historic hotels. The square was hosting it's weekly farmer's market as well while we were there. We took Stella horseback riding in Sugarloaf National Park and hiked up a waterfall. My rear end is still mad at the horse but the ride was fun (especially for Stella) and the hike was breath-taking.

All-in-all we highly recommend making the trip to the Napa/Sonoma valley area if you ever find yourselves in San Francisco. It's just an hour north and the ride alone through these two towns is worth the trip! Some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

Point Reyes was also nice but we didn't see any whales as we had hoped and the super windy roads made Stella very carsick. Yep, she lost her cookies. Poor kid. By the way, Stella rocked at WonderCon selling 5 sketches in the short 30-40 minutes she set up at the show. Enough money made for her to go around and buy all kinds of goodies. She even met and got autographed copies of The Last Unicorn books and DVD from Peter S. Beagle. So she had a great time even though she got sick on the way back.

In other news...

ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS! The 3 Geeks are back in this upcoming comic from Moonstone Comics and 5Finity. Just finished the cover art and it's pretty darned awesome if I do say so myself. I'll post a sneak peek soon...just waiting for the greenlight from the fine folks over at Moonstone. But the comic will be available this summer and I wil have copies at Comic-Con and at the site as soon as it's ready.

In other other news...

If you're not watching "Justified" on FX Tuesday nights get onboard! This show is based on an Elmore Leonard short story and it stars Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood) as a US Marshall who takes no shit...but in a very cool, subtle, smart way. Great writing, characters and dialogue. Right now it is the only "must see" network television on our radar.




Hey Kids!

A quick announcement that I'll be setting up in Artist's Alley at Wondercon this weekend, April 2-4th. I gots lots o' cool stuff this show--tons of new artwork and prints that are sure to dazzle the living hell out of you...and that's a good thing, right?...having the "living HELL dazzled out of you." I'd sure think so. SO, you'll not only be seeing some cool art but gettin' some good old fashioned religion when you stop by.

WonderCon will be the first con that I'll also be selling the new art from the upcoming graphic novel BB Wolf And The Three LPs. Again, dazzled. Again, Hell out of you.

In other news... I got nuthin'. Too tired from working all night and day these past couple weeks making deadlines and working on this new--HOLY SHIZNIT! I DO have news! Sheesh, I'm so wiped out I almost forgot some HUGE news! New, full-color 3 GEEKS story! SHAZAM!!! Yep, I was invited to participate in the upcoming "ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS" comic that'll be published by Moonstone Comics and 5Finity Productions. I'm doing a 12 page story and I'll also be doing one of the covers (I guess there'll be a couple variants). And I'm thrilled to report that it looks suh-WEET! And it's also pretty darn hysterical. So I'll keep you posted for official release dates and all but I know that it will be available before Comic-Con International.

A'ight, thassit for today. Must sleepy.




Howdy all!

Well, with the new graphic novel coming out in May (BB Wolf) and the reprinting of THREE FINGERS piggybacking the new release, it's time for me to shore up my travel/con plans for 2010. And, apparently, the big cons out there have been doing a little "schedule shuffling" and it's causing other shows to shuffle as well so they're not all bunched up on the same month, or in some cases same weekend (as you'll note momentarily! Stay with me...).

Here's a list of shows that I (so far) plan on attending thus far...

WonderCon, San Francisco April 2-4

Comic-Con International, San Diego July 22-25

WizardWorld, Chicago August 19-22

SPX, Bethesda, MD September 26-27

APE, San Francisco October 16-17 (Heck! I'm even a "Special Guest" at this one!)

And lastly Minneapolis' fantastic Fallcon! Which you'll now note has been changed to "SpringCon!" as I alluded to in my opening paragraph. Below is the official press release from the boys at Fallcon and I will gladly post it here to help spread the word as these guys are some of the finest folks you'll ever meet in comics or anywhere else for that matter!!!

Spread the word!...



Dear Friends,

We got really good news last week! As most of you know, a lot of the national comic book conventions have changed their event dates for 2010. It started when one of the largest conventions in the country suddenly moved their date to the late fall and quickly, in response, a good chunk of the other conventions followed suit in changing dates. As a result, the MCBA was put into the position of having to move our dates so we wouldn’t have to compete for guest creators. Easier said than done!

Fortunately for all of us, our preferred venue, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, came through with flying colors! They were able to make space for us in the new world comic book convention date order with a slight and very interesting twist!

The Midwest Comic Book Association is pleased to announce our 2010 event dates:


Minnesota State Fairgrounds In the Grandstand 1265 Snelling Avenue North Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108 Something For Everyone & Everyone Welcome!


MCBA FALLCON – COMIC BOOK PARTY! October 16, 2010 – 10AM to 5PM

Minnesota State Fairgrounds Progress Center 1621 Randall Ave Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108 Something For Everyone & Everyone Welcome!


So, in other words, the two day convention will now be held in the spring (SpringCon) and FallCon will be the new one day convention in the Fall!

We’re really excited about the opportunities and challenges that our new journey presents to all of us and invite you and all members of our community to join us as we set sail into the great and exciting unknown!

Finally, a request. We need your help to get the word out to our community about our new dates and times. We humbly request that you provide any assistance you might be able to offer via your e-mails, secret messages, magic, websites, tweeting, blogs, internet, snail mails, telegraph, word of mouth, Pony Express, etc. Any effort you can extend, would be noticed and gracefully accepted!

We appreciate your being a part of our community and THANK YOU for letting us be part of yours! Look for more info and databits in the near future!

The MCBA Geek Squad (The Original Geek Squad)


Hey all,

A quick blog/get well wish to my little bud Ben Breckenheimer. Ben is the son of my dear friends Big Tim and Mary Lyons and he was recently severely injured while serving our country in Afghanistan. Ben was traveling in an armored vehicle and they hit an IED (roadside explosive). Both of Ben's legs have multiple fractures and he's in for a very long road to recovery. They're shipping him back home tomorrow from Germany where he underwent what was, most likely, to be the first of many surgeries. Please send your good vibes his way, he's a decent kid and deserves better.

You can send well wishes on FaceBook by searching for Ben's name (or any other soldiers for that matter) and then simply writing him a quick note. I know it'd cheer him up during this tough time.



P.S. I'll be at the Slave Labor studio this weekend in San Jose for a very last minute comic book convention. Stop by if you're in the area.


Hey kids, Just a quick reminder that I will be at Comic-Con International July 22-26th and I will be located in Artists Alley again. I believe (believe) that I am at table EE-03. That's what the website says anyway. So make sure to stop by and drop a few hundred bucks while you're at it.

I will have the new 3 Geeks comics and also the exclusive "CGC SIGNATURE SERIES" limited copies of those three new issues. I only did 10 of each so they're ultra exclusive. I'll be posting a limited quantity on the website soon, too, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

That's it for now. Been crazy busy with work leading up to the con--this happens every year right before Comic-Con--so I've gotta keep this blog short.



p.s. Big shout out to my good pal Big Tim for his walk-off sac fly the other night at softball in the bottom of the 7th to lead us to an 11-10 win over the whiney 20-year-old brats that bitched about every call. It's always satisfying beating the punk teams like that.


Ahhh, Dionne Warwick...just gotta love the woman. Mega hits in the 70s, Solid Gold tv show with those super-hot Solid Gold Dancers (I liked the super-hot sexy brunette one the best!) and, of course, the Psychic Network success!

Anyway, she once asked in one of her mega-hit songs if anyone knew the way to San Jose. Yes, I do. I do know the way, and I will be traveling there in May to attend the SUPER-CON Comic Book Convention! May 16 & 17 to be exact, and I hope to see Dionne there. I was invited as a "Special Guest" to the show this year (Dionne was not). And let me tell you, that does wonders for the fragile ego, folks. Gettin' a little love like that. So as a Special Guest I will be on my best behavior and probably willing to give you loyal readers ridiculously good deals on my books, shirts, and original artwork. It's just my way.

So please haul your sorry arses out to San Jose for the con. Who knows, you might even see Ms. Warwick. My psychic friends say the "chances are good."

"Hey, Rich!...will you be attending any other conventions this year?"

Ha ha ha...Yes, yes of course I will. I'll also be at the grand ole COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego this summer as I always am. I'll be located in artists alley again as I was last year. That show is July 22-26th this summer. I'll also be at WizardWorld, Chicago in artists alley and that show is August 6-9th. And then I'll be at the incomparable Minnesota Fallcon which is usually in October (dates tba). That's what I've got lined up so far. So be there true believers.

In other news...

Softball starts up for me next Wednesday so I'll be seeing if the mesh that's now sewn into my abdomen holds. Keepin' my fingers crossed on that.

Thassit for this week. Short n sweet for all my readers with Attention Deficit Disorder. See, I write for all the people!




Howdy folks!

Well, didn't know what to expect from my trip to the New York Comic-Con last week but am happy to report that the trip went swimmingly--had some laughs, many beers, ate like a king, sold some books, met some peeps, and spent my weekend there with the most excellent host, Russ Colchamiro who is presently pimpin' his first novel FINDERS KEEPERS (which yours truly helped edit!).

The show impressed me quite a bit and I'd definitely recommend it to the fans. Well-organized, well laid out as far as the show floor and a HUGE attendance! Plus, you really can't go wrong with "things to do after the con" in NY can you? And the weather was cooperative! Thursday night before the show was brutally cold but then we got some Odin-like (or I should say Thor maybe) relief granted over the weekend with the temps actually soaring into the high 40s low 50s! This was a concern of mine having the show in February--and a lot of other people. I guess they're moving the show to October for 2010 so the weather shouldn't be as big a factor.

A shout out to my pals that run the Minnesota Fallcon, too! Nick and Brian run that show and Russ and I went out and hit the town with them Saturday night...I just recovered yesterday. Nick is just about the funniest guy I've ever met and Brian plays his straight man perfectly (i.e. never says a word. I guess "Silent Brian" would be more appropriate). We went out for ribs and beer served in massive goblets then hit a tavern around the corner that "The Babe" himself used to frequent! So we knocked back a few in The Babe's honor whilst there, too. Sunday was brutal. Haven't had a hangover like that in years. If you get a chance you simply MUST attend the Minnesota Fallcon. Not the biggest or most attended show but definitely the friendliest and the funnest! Everything you've heard is true!

Career-wise I was also shopping around for an agent to rep me in the Literary world while there. Made some possible connections. If you know one let me know.

Also had the pleasure of touring the Mad and DC offices before flying back home Monday. That was pretty cool. And they loaded me up with so many books and magazines I barely squeezed them all into my carry on.

BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S may be pushed back til 2010 as the down economy right now makes releasing new books an iffy prospect. So we're discussing options with our Top Shelf pubs and if it is delayed Johnnie and I will use that extra time to build a website and work on the music cd that will accompany the book. That's right! We gonna write and play some blues! Already have a few songs written and plan on starting some practice sessions in the coming weeks. Maybe my future lies in blues singing? We shall see.

Also! Just finishing up the final 3 Geeks installment (part 3 of 3) of the current "Slab Madness" mini-series and will be shipping it out to the printer in the next couple weeks. Thanks to all of you who have supported it! What with the big gap between this mini-series and the last 3 Geeks comic I feared terribly low orders but was pleasantly surprised to see strong sales. So thanks for not entirely forgetting me and the boys.

And finally! A-Roid. Are any of us really surprised anymore when we hear that a professional athlete juiced up? Seriously? I wasn't surprised at all...not one little bit. I must admit that, as a Yankee hater, I took sick pleasure at seeing this story unfold and hope it's a thorn in the mighty Yankees side all year long. I'm disgusted with the Yankees latest "spending spree" and relish any event which causes dissent and consternation in that evil empire's den of hell! So, yep, was tickled pink when the news broke! And I was THERE in NY when it broke! SOOOOO COOL to see the papers out there lambaste A-Fraud on all the Front, Back and Middle pages of every paper and every news channel, subway barker and bum on the subways. It's all anyone talked about and I just giggled and giggled and giggled.

I must say that now, these however many days since the news hit that at least A-Roid has 'fessed up. Unlike some of his roid predecessors he's come clean. Look at what Bonds and Clemens and McGwire have wrought upon themselves by denying. I do believe that this will make A-Roid's life much less a living Hell this season and beyond. I still think he's forever tainted but just like Giambi and Pettite before him, confession will prove to be good for the soul.

Maybe now all the future juicers will take a page from their books and just 'fess the f**k up! You're not getting into the Hall either way but you've probably got a much better chance by coming clean and apologizing and saying, "I was an idiot and I didn't know any better and I am sorry."

People like it when you SHOW you are sorry.




Hello friends,

Just booked my flight to the new York Comic-Con that will be held February 6-8 at the Jacob Javitz Center. SO that means that you should be getting online and booking your flights now as well does it not??? I will be signing books at the Top Shelf booth and pimping the new book BB Wolf & The 3 L.P.s which is due out this summer. I'll have a sneak peek at the art so make sure to ask. I'll also have a small handful of the new 3 Geeks issues and some original art for sale. If you don't spot me at the TS booth i might be visiting and signing at the Archie Comics booth. other than that I plan on actually strolling around at this con! Something I never seem to get a chance to do at the other cons. I'll be pimpin' myself to other pubs and even taking in some panels!!! Looking forward to it.

And at night you can find me somewhere in the downtown area getting inebriated. Catch me at the right time and I'm buyin'!

The new 3 Geeks mini-series is in full-swing! issue #1 hit the stands last week, and aside from a printing snafu all went well and the response has been very kind. Issue 2 is ahead of schedule and is being printed this week for Feb shipping with issue 3 to follow in March. #3 isn't finished yet and I'm wrestling with the "perfect" ending for it. Sucks cuz I have 3-4 ways I could end the story and I just can't decide which way I like best right now. Maybe now I'll have to do a trade with alternate endings?

Anyway, make sure and order your copies, cuz in case you haven't heard Diamond Distributors just raised their minimums and this certainly spells the end for many a small press publisher. Their minimum sales requirement was 1,500 units sold or $1,500.00. Now they're raising that to 2,500/$2,500.00. Quite a substantial jump there. So a lot of my friends in the small press won't be publishing soon and that makes me sad. That said, I do understand that Diamond is a business and having a bunch of "nickel and dime" accounts can sometimes cost more than they're worth for them with the paperwork and employee salaries and all. Still, a sad day.

Saw Benjamin Button the other night with Sandy, and although we both enjoyed it we both agree that 13 Oscar noms is a bit too much. It's good but it's not GREAT! And Brad Pitt's good but an "Oscar-worthy" performance? Didn't see it. And we think he's a pretty darn good actor that makes very good choices (in his films).

Haven't suggested any good reads in awhile and I feel remiss in my responsibilities. So, here are a few books I've enjoyed over the past few months that I think YOU should also be enjoying...

INVADERS/AVENGERS by Alex Ross & Jim Krueger. This is an "event" comic that's far superior than the other "event" comics currently being printed. Great, concise storytelling and fantastic art. It is a true "epic!" Everything we fanboys want in an event comic. I know it's good when I get that "WHOA!" punch-in-the-gut feeling when I read it. So far so good with this mini-series. A lot of them start out that way though, don't they, and then fall flat. I'm praying that's not the case here.

HULK! I am really loving this new Hulk series. Fun, fun, fun! And just great action! This red Hulk dude is really kicking some serious ass and who the hell is this cat already??? Thought for sure (like everyone else) that he was Doc Samson (which woulda been totally cool!) but, apparently it is not. Can't wait to find out who it is.

Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD novels. I bought "Going Postal" on a whim at the airport last year when I'd realized I'd forgotten my book at home. Previously I'd only read "Good Omens" that he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman, and I read that because I was a neil Gaiman fan. That book was fantastic so I figured I should give Terry's other books a try sometime. Then about 8 years pass and there I am at the airport and I see the spines of about 8 of his books there on the shelves! Bingo! Going Postal was phenomenal. I was hooked. Since then I've read 4 other Discworld books and gotten Sandy into them as well. We've kind of started at the backend of the series, however, and are now going to begin starting at the...uh...start. Looking forward to it! Trust me, these books are top-notch.

Harlan Coben novels. I got my first Coben novel from the local Kinko's guy who was tearing off covers to send back for refunds to their distributor. I happen to be a regular there and the guy knows me and offered me a stack of paperbacks. I readily agreed. First one I read was JUST ONE LOOK and it was an exceptional thriller/mystery. Coben's a very skilled storyteller that's a little bit Elmore Leonard and a lotta Charlie Huston. Another author I plan on going back and getting all his previous efforts.

And finally...My Imac G5 took a dump on me. A couple months ago it started being...difficult. At first it just was a little fuzzy when it started up and then progressively got worse until it got to the point that it was taking upwards of 30 minutes to get the damn thing started. So, I took it in to the local Apple store for a diagnostic and they suggested I back up everything and then try and reload all the software.

Did that.

Didn't work.

Called the Geek Squad. The gave me an estimate of $300 over the phone to fix me up. Guy took one look and said the computer was fried and that I'd be better off getting a new one rather than spend the money to fix the old one.

Took it back to the Apple store armed with this new information and lo and behold they agreed. The Logic Board was fried.

$2,600.00 later and I have my brand-spanking-new IMAC! With the nifty little BOSE speakers to boot! Did I have $2,600 for a new computer right now? No, not really. Do I think that an Imac G5 should last more than 3 & 3/4 years? Yes, I do. Did they? Never really got a straight answer on that one. Apparently the G5 model did "demonstrate" an unusually high mortality rate. Lucky me.

Here's hoping the 2009 version lasts a little longer. Kick ass screen though! man, high def is sweet! And it's got all sorts of bels and whistles the other one didn't. I'll probably never use 1/100th od 'em but, heck, still cool as hell.

Ai'ght! Thassit for now. I'll be running some of the new 3 Geeks originals on the website soon and I just got 250+ pages back from Archie! So if you're interested in any complete Archie stories let me know. I've got 5, 6, 11, 12 and full-length 22 page stories for sale. And I price those puppies to sell!



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