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Well Hello there!

Some of you may remember that I had to sue (tried to go the nice route first, I PROMISE you) a business owner up in Canada a few years ago for stealing the image of my 3 GEEKS characters and using it for his store logo, t-shirts, letterhead, website, etc. It took over 2 years, and thousands of my hard-earned dollars to take this numbnuts to court to prove that I had Copyright/ownership of the image, names and characters, and that he knowingly and willfully used the image without my permission.

I won.

He lost.

The Canadian Courts ordered him to stop using the image and to pay me $4,000 for my attorney fees, plus damages.

He did neither.

My only course of action after he did neither was to, once again, hire a lawyer to go after him for the money. This, of course, would have cost me even more money and it still wouldn't have guaranteed that numbnuts paid me any money!!! I tried contacting the RMCP up there--nothing. The courts--nothing. It seems that the Canadian Courts are as neutered as the US Courts when it comes to punishing their deadbeat losers. So, since I was already out $4,000 plus, and didn't want to spend more $$ chasing a black hole, I decided to take my Copyright Victory and give up any dream of recovering lost funds.

This all happened about 3- 3 1/2 years ago.

So, last week my website hosting service informs me that numbnuts up in Canada has contacted them, saying that I have an illegal post on my website blog that's infringing HIS copyrights and that I should have to take down that page!!! Can you believe it?! So I'm suitably pissed off and email my website designer/administrator back asking, "WTF?!" He tells me, "Yeah, it's bull$#!t, but you have to counter his claim by tomorrow or they're going to remove the page."

So, I spend 2-3 hours writing emails, sending court documents, etc, proving that I'M THE VICTIM HERE! -- More of my valuable time and money spent fighting a fight I've already won!

So, I get the response back the other day.

I won.


The page stays up. And here it is for your reading pleasure...

Nuff said.


p.s. I should add quickly that since I won the lawsuit, and my blog and other interviews followed the lawsuit, that I have been contacted by no less than a dozen other victims of numbnuts sharing their stories of his criminal activities. One of the people was his own cousin who is currently suing him.


Greetings! In the spirit of Halloween and "All Things Zombies" these days, and the return of The Walking Dead, and the fact that I will soon be publishing the ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS comic book series, and...well you get the idea!

I've just posted a whole bunch of Little Zombie Originals on the website for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. I posted 12 today and will have more to follow soon. Also putting a few up on ebay. ebay kind of rocks.

So check 'em out when you get a chance.

Speaking of The Walking Dead... New season's pretty strong so far but I really need to see Carl and his useless mom bite it (no pun intended). They need to be taken out and taken out hard! Preferably Mom gets it while neglecting to watch Carl (AGAIN!) somehow. Rick finally loses it after the 1,000th time and blows her brains out, then in an ongoing fit of rage takes down Carl as well. Then himself. perfect, cuz his "simmering anger thing" is getting stale too.

A'ight, that's all I got this week.




Yep, it is true, True Believers!

At the park last weekend, day before Father's Day, shooting some hoops, doing some drills, working out by myself. About a half an hour in I'm done. No energy, general malaise. I start to gather my stuff and these two teenager boys approach. One of them asks if I'd mind sharing my basketball as they forgot to bring one. I say, "sure" figuring I'll do some stretches and cool down while they shoot a bit. Then the one kid asks if I "wanna play some one-on-one against him?" This kid is literally in the process of doing some serious "razzle dazzle" with the ball as he asks--some spin moves, some between the legs dribbling, etc. But I've got about a foot of height on him and 50 pounds (don't know whether that's a good or bad thing as of yet) so I say, "sure" and we shoot free throws to see who gets the ball first.

I win.

But I'm already tired and this kid's fresh--and I'm guessing 30 years younger than me!

So the first 3-4 minutes is frighteningly bad basketball as we both take terribly ill-advised shots and burn a lot of energy (of which I am quickly running low on). And then I hit my first jumper.

1-0 Old Guy.

Then, after taking several deep breaths, I decide to play smart and take advantage of the disparity in size and back him down to the hoop and try a hook shot. Make it.

2-0 Old Guy...we're going to 11 BTW. Don't know if I'll make it as the heart rate's already beating like a racehorse.

3-0 then 4-0 and I'm feeling pretty damn good! Get my second wind. The kid starts to push it and his shots get wilder. The look of panic sets in as I go up 5-0 then 6-0. He cannot believe this is happening to him! The Old Guy is crushing him! I actually start to kind of feel bad for the kid but, hey, I'm an "Old Guy" and I need the win more than this little twerp does! So I pour it I'm hitting shots behind the arc, hooks, lay-ups.

9-0 Old Guy when he finally hits his first shot.

9-1 Old Guy. Okay, he made one so I no longer pity the punk and decide to put him out of his misery. My confidence sky-high now, I hit the last two shots in short order from the outside...


I seriously need to sit down and catch my breath so I let him and his buddy (consoling him now, "It's okay, dude, you didn't know his game...never played him before.") shoot around a bit.

And then the young kid challenges me to a game of HORSE against him and his buddy. I got my swagger on now so Hell Yeah! I'm gonna shoot some HORSE with these guys.

Yeah, Old Guy crushes them, you guessed it.

Okay, then the rest of his buddies show up at the park. A quick head count and I see we could play 4 on 4. I push my luck and suggest it. The new arrivals hadn't seen me shoot and I see a few smirks as they all readily agree--but who wants to get stuck with the Old Guy???

Team Old Guy wins game 1 by a score of 7-5. Old Guy dominates scoring 4 of the 7 points and hauls in about 10 boards.

One of the new arrival 16 year olds drops from fatigue. Mo mas! Done! Are you kidding me???

Game 2 is now 3 on 3. Team Old Guy wins another one with Old Guy, again dominating the points and boards, at one point ripping a board away from my first nemesis with one arm against his two! I finish the smack-down by hitting the game winning shot!

Now all but 2 of the 16 year olds have had enough. They are all gassed. I give them more than their share of well-deserved ribbing pointing out the fact that I am nearly TRIPLE their age and still running around. No mas, they don't care, they are done.

So I pack up my stuff and head home, head held high, feeling younger than I have in years! I'm seriously pretty damn stoked beating up on those fine young men.

I do the necessary recap for family and friends that night riding high on my triumphs for the next few hours. Ah, the sweet smell of victory! I am NOT an Old Guy! I am still young and virile and awesome by God! I sleep with a satisfied smile on my face and dream of flying.

Old Guy wakes up next morning, can't straighten out his right arm. Can't even brush his damn teeth because the arm hurts so bad. Can't even wipe his...the arm hurts okay! Talk about a buzzkill. Talk about a harsh reality check!

So here we are a week later and I still can barely lift my bowl of Crispix in the morning and have learned to go "lefty" for the bathroom stuff. And, would you believe it? This afternoon we're outside selling junk at our neighborhood yard sale and I see one of the 16 year olds from the week before. Of course I goad him and ask when we're going to play again. He's a good sport and says, "anytime." I nod, getting the confident strut again, puff out the chest a bit, and the arm winces, reminds me that I am indeed "The Old Guy."

Better put off the rematch until I can rehab this thing a couple months.




Hello all,

Many of you might remember that I had (and won) a lawsuit against Hogan Courrier, owner of Geeks Galore computer center in Canada, a few years back (see past blogs for all the gory details). The lawsuit was painful, lengthy and cost me over $8,000.00. I won the case but never saw a penny of the $7K that Courrier was ordered to pay me. And, from what I understand, he's still using my character's images on his storefront-- a local resident emailed me photos last summer showing this. The "law" up there are, apparently, useless against deadbeat criminals like Courrier.

eyeoncomics journalist, Don MacPherson has written two articles about the case. I think you'll all find the following article very interesting and further demonstrate what a lowlife this Courrier is.

Under Attack

Posted by Don MacPherson on April 2nd, 2012

As a courts/crime reporter for a daily newspaper, I’m well aware many of the people I write about don’t want me to write about them. Defendants have begged me and attempted to bribe me not to run their names in the paper. I’m been cursed out and lied about. It comes with the territory, and I take appropriate (though fortunately minor) precautions to protect myself and my family.

And now I face retaliation from someone I wrote about on Eye on Comics.

In the fall of 2009, I wrote about a federal court decision out of Ontario ruling in favour of American cartoonist Rich Koslowski, who won a legal action against Hogan Scott Courrier, the owner of Geeks Galore Computer Center in Marmora, Ont., for copyright infringement. Courrier used an image from Koslowski’s 3 Geeks comics in signage and other material for his business. A year later, I wrote a followup piece, in which Koslowski confirmed he hadn’t received the court-ordered monetary award and that Courrier hadn’t removed the image from his business material. In that followup, I also quoted Courrier after having reached him via email to allow him to tell his side of the story.

That was the last I heard of the story — until last week.

More than two years after I published the original article and more than a year after the followup, my hosting service contacted me mid-week to notify me a complaint had been filed alleging a violation of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The complainant: Courrier. While both I and Courrier live and work in Canada, my hosting service is an American company, and it felt compelled to react to the complaint. A representative emailed me, notifying me the service had received a notification of an alleged violation under the act and informing me unless I responded with a “counter notification,” my account would be suspended. The following is an excerpt from the email sent to me by my hosting service:

It has been reported that your Web site,, allegedly contains material in violation of copyright infringement laws contained in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). You can find this Act at the U.S. Copyright Office Web site ( I was notified by a representative of Geeks Galore Computer Center. They are claiming that your site contains material that infringes on their intellectual property rights. The following images/links were reported to having infringing material: Unfortunately, I hadn’t checked me webmail for about a day, so by the time I saw it, my account was suspended and Eye on Comics was down for a short time. As soon as the service received my informal reply, though, the account was reinstated and Eye on Comics was live again — complete with the original content with which Courrier took issue.

Further communication with my hosting service revealed Courrier sent the following message to the service:

My name is Hogan Courrier, owner of Geeks Galore Computer Center. It seems Don MacPherson from Eye on Comics, hosted at your hosting facility is using my name and business name on his website without my permission. He is also acting in a slanderous and libel way with regards to my personal information. I would ask if you can have him remove my information and business information from his website. And then there’s the following passage from Courrier’s formal letter of notification (which I received as a PDF document from my hosting service):

I have a good faith belief that the items or materials listed below are not authorized by law for use by the above named domain name owner or their agents and therefore infringes the copyright owner’s rights. I hereby demand that you act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the material or items claimed to be infringing. Allegedly infringing items or materials: Using my personal name and business information in a negative way without consent. The hosting service also notified me Courrier was claiming the content constituted a breach of the Canadian Privacy Act. It’s a ludicrous claim. Simply referring to an individual and a business name in a legitimate piece of journalism doesn’t constitute a violation of copyright or privacy. Furthermore, reporting on a publicly and readily available court judgment doesn’t constitute libel. That I’ve had to respond to such outlandish and unrealistic allegations is frustrating, to say the least.

I was initially quite irked with the hosting service for failing to determine if there was an air of reality to Courrier’s claims and for seemingly siding with a complainant rather than a customer. However, further communication revealed staff were simply following procedure and once my counter notification was filed, the service won’t touch my account again unless directed to do so by a legal authority. A representative with the hosting service informed me thusly in a couple of emails:

I apologize to bother you again but it appears that the said representative from the previous emails we have discussed is not letting this issue go and has filed an official DMCA notice. I will attach it in this email so you can read over it. Because of this we are suppose to take steps to suspending your services with us unless you can provide us with a counter notification. Please let us know what you would like your next step of action to be. Thank you. I believe there is some confusion about what exactly our role as the hosting company is in this situation. We in no way are accusing you of anything illegal and are not partial to either group in the situation. Because of U.S. law when we receive a DMCA complaint we are required to take steps to remove the content unless a counter notification is filed with us. So I didn’t examine your content or believe that you were in the wrong. We were simply following procedure. Since I have now gone ahead and forwarded your response to the original complainer that will work as a counter notification. Once a counter notification has been filed we as a hosting company is no longer involved unless we receive a court order requiring the removal of the data in question. I hope that makes sense. So essentially we just act as a middle man in the situation between you and the one who filed the DMCA complaint. Like I mentioned at this point it is now up to the courts and we won’t take any action against your account unless we receive a court notification requiring such. That came as a relief. I also learned the hosting service forwarded my explanations and defence of my content to Courrier, who’s apparently not satisfied, according to the hosting service:

I have now gone ahead and forwarded part of your email from yesterday to the person in question. I will wait to hear what they respond back, but it appears from my conversation from yesterday that they are willing to take legal action. No such legal action has been launched, as far as I know. I’ve been served with no documents, and I’ve not heard from Courrier directly or from his legal counsel, if he’s retained any. Furthermore, I have no idea where such an action — the jurisdiction in which the hosting service is located; Marmora, Ont.; or Fredericton, New Brunswick — would be filed.

The irony of the situation is this false accusation of copyright infringement on my part comes from an individual who’s been found in breach of someone else’s copyright and has yet to make good on it. After I became aware of Courrier’s complaint, I contacted Koslowski to get an update on his dealings with the man.

“No, I haven’t ever seen a dime and yes he’s still using my copyrighted images. I tried pursuing this more but without being willing to pay even more money out-of-pocket to lawyers and/or collection agencies, etc. I had no recourse. I did call one collection agency up in Canada but they never even got back to me,” Koslowski told me last week. “I’m out over $8,000 as it is in legal fees and about a hundred hours of my time as it is.”

I will keep readers apprised of any significant developments in the situation. In the unlikely event it results in another disruption of Eye on Comics, I’ll inform colleagues at several other comics sites.

Follow Eye on Comics on Twitter.




I got nuthin...

It occurred to me today that I hadn't blogged in awhile. Then it occurred to me that I had a lot to chime in on about but nothing that anyone would probably want to hear. Or that it might offend. And these days I just can't afford to offend anyone. Y'know, burning bridges and i shall refrain from blogging anything too controversial.

Okay, like, for instance I could've chimed in on something like this...

Glad Gadaffi got whacked today. Yep, some of you would cringe and say, "No human being should be executed. No one has the right to––" where I would then cut you off in my mind and say "Shut up. Screw you. He was evil scum breathing good human's air. A cancer, and what do we do with cancer?...we cut it out!" So there. See, if I were to have blogged this I probably would've pissed some of you off.


My Brewers lost in the NLCS to the Cardinals. Sucks. I am sick of the small market teams having almost NO chance of ever winning a World series in today's economic set up in pro baseball. To which 20+ million NY Yankees fans will actually argue "that they're playing within the rules and doing nothing wrong. It's fair." To which I would then say, "Suck it! You're a-holes and you know it." See, I win, obviously, but those comments could potentially offend.

Or pose a question like the following...

"Why in the HELL does Hollywood keep paying Adam Sandler sick amounts of money to shit out the crappiest movies ever made? And WHY IN THE HELL DO SO MANY IDIOT PEOPLE KEEP PAYING GOOD MONEY TO GO SEE THEM?" I might have blogged that question after seeing the latest trailer for his latest movie Jack and Jill where he plays a set of twins; a man and his sister. It (of course) looks absolutely asinine (as do all his movies) and yet it will go on to make all kinds of money as the sheep pay to see it.

See, if I were to actually voice this opinion it could offend some of our population with lower IQs and I wouldn't want to be perceived as being insensitive to the mentally challenged. So I won't blog about how I think all of Adam Sandler's movies suck.

Nor will I rag more about how the Chinese are effed up beyond repair after seeing the disgusting video of a 2-year-old girl being run over (twice) within 8 minutes and how dozens of passersby saw, yet chose to ignore her as she lay there in the street dying. No, I shall refrain from condemning these apathetic monsters because some of you will, no doubt, stand up for them and blame the government (theirs or ours). To which I would probably say something like, "I hope your next trip is to China and you get run over."

Nope, not gonna rant about these things that have been nagging at me lately.

Like I said in the title, "I got nuthin'" to say today so I shall refrain.




No, as the title of this blog might make one think I DO NOT for a nano-second believe that Casey Anthony is a "Law Abiding Citizen." I think she killed her daughter and the jury that found her Not Guilty are a bunch of idiots. There's a special place in Hell for all of them.

I wrote my title as such because we happened to watch the movie A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN last night, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx and it just got me thinking... Movie was MUCH better than I thought it would be BTW. Anyway, it got me thinking about how lousy our "justice" system is at times. Yeah, I know, better that 12 guilty people go free than 1 innocent and all that crap...blah, blah, blah... But in a case like this one or the OJ trial we need to use just a hair of common sense. Of course I truly believe that 90% of the world lacks common sense so the point is moot, I guess.

Anyway, in the movie Gerard's character goes on a rampage after the "justice" system frees one of his family's murderers on a "technicality"...such as with Casey's, y'know, lack of concrete evidence and all.

Movie felt good. Just, y'know, got me thinking...

Um, NO, I would NEVER suggest anyone do what Gerard's character did. But everyone down in the Orlando area really should watch this movie.

Because it's a good movie is all... Far better than we thought it would be.

Just sayin'....




Many thanks to those who recently purchased the original art (and other fine items) I had listed on eBay the past couple weeks. I had a window in my art schedule and realized I hadn't posted anything on good ole eBay in at least 2 years!!! So I posted a few goodies and VOILA! Success! That's the good news...the bad news is that it seems that every time a few bucks trickle in we get socked with roofs caving in, flooded basements, kidney stones or in this case a Dodge Grand Caravan that's taking a total dump on us. Shocks, shock housing, oxygen sensor and/or the cadilletic convertor(sp?) have all decided to go on the fritz simultaneously.

Good times.

So I guess I'll be "eBaying" a bit more over the next few weeks so go and take a gander at the goodies. I'll have more Archie and BB Wolf original art posted as well as comics and graphic novels and more dvd sets. My ebay user ID is "poo666" if you want to find my specific items and I'll have new ones starting tomorrow, June 21st! YES!

In other news...

XMen: First Class was great! The secondary characters were a bit flat but that was our only real gripe. Great story and Magneto and Prof X were both riveting. Highly recommended. Next up is Green Lantern.




I would be remiss if I didn't add a "Best and Worst" in a few other categories I stupidly neglected last week...

Best Burger: Okay, we moved from Milwaukee, WI to Santa Cruz, CA a while back and finding a comparable burger to the ones we were used to mowing down took some doing (pizza too! Lotta crappy pizza here! Florida too, whassup with that?!). But we finally found a few good places to get a good burger. Betty's Burgers, Aptos Burger Company and Burger. to name a few. But the best burgers in Santa Cruz county (that we've found so far) belong to COLES BBQ and BITTERSWEET BISTRO. Delectable!!! BTW the best burgers in Milwaukee (and there are a lot of them!) go to CULVERS (best burger chain anywhere! Take a cue from them all you other fast food burger joints! You're not anywhere in their league!) and TRINITY (Irish pub in Downtown Milwaukee--get the "Other Burger" Best in the world!)

Honorable Mention must go out to the BBQ joints in the area out here though. While it was tough to find a good burger or pizza for a long time there's no shortage of great BBQ! The aforementioned Coles does a good job but two even better BBQ joints are SMOQE and APTOS STREET BBQ right down the road from our house. Their pulled pork and Tri Tip sandwiches are dazzling!

Worst Burger: Well if any of you read my blog a couple months back you know it is hands down the Dairy Queen Mushroom & Swiss puker! God awful piece of garbage that they should be run out of business over. For shame DQ...For shame.

Best Wine: Man! Since we've moved to CA we have really gotten into touring all the wineries. A LOT of fun and we were STUNNED by how many quality wines are produced right here in Santa Cruz! There are over 200 in the Santa Cruz area! The best we've encountered so far has to be WINDY OAKS Pinot though. It's really shocking when you tout winery after winery and encounter so many fantastic wines that are all fairly equal in their quality but then taste one that's noticeably better! That's what happened when we tried Windy Oaks.

Best Comic Book 2010: Well, it's obviously BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS. I mean really! But there were a few notable runner ups. I discovered BLACKSAD by Dark Horse this year, and although it is a reprint of the foreign edition the collection was in 2010 and bears mentioning as it's some of the most amazing artwork I've ever seen. makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing even picking up a pencil it's that good! I also enjoyed seeing THOR finally get his due after decades of being a second class hero over at Marvel. He's always been one of my favorite characters and I'm glad to see his comics doing so well and being handled so well.

Worst Comic Book: I'm a a HUGE Avengers fan and Bendis fan but enough's enough already. The whole Avengers Disassembled/Civil War/Secret Invasion/Blah Blah Blah thing has gone on long enough! What'd that take to "wrap up"? 5? 7? Ten years? (Is it wrapped up yet? I can't honestly remember? What?...NO?...Okay, I guess it's still running) And how many issues and crossovers etc. did it encompass? By Crom who can afford to buy all the individual issues? Certainly not me. And the fine folks over at DC went and were almost as bad with their own massive "Event" book Blackest Night. I couldn't afford to follow both so I went Avengers as a lifelong fan but from what I've heard I didn't miss much with Blackest Night/Brightest Day/Foggy Week/Somewhat Rainy Year...which is still going I guess?...Izzat right?

Best Music: After we saw the great movie Crazy Heart with the great Jeff Bridges I had to buy the album! Awesome stuff and Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell can sing!!! Very nice surprise. Anyway, the real star here is someone I'd never heard of before but instantly placed right up there with all my favorites...RYAN BINGHAM. His song from Crazy Heart "The Weary Kind" one the Oscar for Best Song and it's a well-deserved win I can assure any of you who haven't heard it. Americana at its best--soulful, lyrical, emotional, sparse, evocative and masterful use of instruments! I love picking out the cello, kettle drums and other various instruments that they use.

Anyway, Ryan Bingham, folks. After buying the CH soundtrack I immediately went out and purchased more Ryan Bingham and have enjoyed all of it immensely.

Okay, onto the SUPERBOWL!!! YES! The Green Bay Packers have made it by winning three straight must win road games. Unreal! I would think that anyone with even half a brain must by now realize that Aaron Rodgers is as good a quarterback as Brett Favre ever was. And only time will tell if he ends up being even better. He may not achieve some of Favre's records due to his amazing longevity, but on a per game basis, by the numbers he will stack up. And I'm going to go out on a line here and guess we'll get less than one one-hundredth the drama from Rodgers.

So they're up against the Steelers and my runner-up for Worst Athlete of the year Ben Douchelessberger. I would hope everyone (even Steelers diehards) has the sense to root against this a-hole. Maybe not all of his teammates but at least him.

So I am, of course, hoping the Packers win and I think they have a great chance. Great QB, coach and offense and defense but their one major weakness is the Special Teams. If they can play even average the Packers win 27-21. If the Packers lose it'll be because of their Special Teams.

Alright, that's it for this blog. I've finally ended my Holiday Sale on some of the items on the website but have kept a few at the reduced prices just because I'm that nice of a fella. Thanks to all who ordered goodies over the holidays and I hope you liked whatever it was you purchased.






And the aforementioned Brett Favre tops my "Best and Worst List of 2010"

And so, let's lead this blog off with the category of "WORST ATHLETE OF 2010"...BRETT LORENZO FAVRE!

BTW, I think that the whole "concussion" thing that kept him out the last two games of this season was really a secret suspension handed down by the league after the whole Jenn Sterger Sext scandal. We've all seen Favre take much harder hits on the field than the one that "supposedly" caused the concussion...haven't we?...hmmm??? Fishy.

Ben Roethlisberger was a very close 2nd on my list of "Worst" in the pro athletes category this past year. I mean the guy's a total tool and I don't think anyone, including his own teammates apparently, are going to refute this. Total a-hole. This douche (hey, that's Favre's nickname too!) does not deserve to be in the Superbowl this year so GO JETS!


Michael Vick for his amazing turn around and...wha?...HELL NO! I'm JOKING!!! Anyone who said that about Vick this year is a total idiot! The guy didn't "see the light" or "Pay for his crimes" or "find redemption and learn the error of his ways and he's such a great nice guy now, blah blah blah..." HE GOT CAUGHT DOING EXTREMELY AWFUL AND ILLEGAL THINGS! He'd still be killing dogs right now TODAY if he hadn't been caught. He's a despicable human being. You have to be to do what he was doing. No other explanation.

BEST ATHLETE goes to Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers! For maintaining dignity through the past 6 years while Douche #1 grabbed all the spotlight. He just kept doing his job and focused on his team. And now, even with a TON of injuries to the team, he has helped lead them deep into the playoffs with a strong possibility of making the Superbowl. I love the Pack, but I'm hoping for Aaron's sake that he makes it and wins it all so he can finally shut all the knuckleheads wearing "Favre blinders" up once and for all!


JUSTIFIED starring Timothy Olyphant! Awesome tv show filled with drama, humor, great and believable characters and the snappiest most well-written dialogue ever! And what would you expect since the show's based on an Elmore Leonard story. Leonard's the master of great dialogue. I've read just about all of his novels and this is by far one of the best adaptations of his work to the screen.


THE FIGHTER! The true story of boxer Micky Ward starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Riveting! And although Micky Ward wasn't a household name before this film he's always deserved more recognition. I followed his career the last couple years he fought and he was one of the grittiest fighters I'd ever seen. Good for him that this film is doing so well.


ADVENTURE TIME! on Cartoon Network is by far the best cartoon of 2010 and the best since the first couple seasons of SpongeBob or Flapjack! Adventure Time is hysterical! Not only are the storylines ridiculously clever and surreal (in a good way!) but the dialogue keeps us constantly giggling...the two main characters talking like "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski! Not only is this a great cartoon, it's just a flat-out great television show and I look forward to it as much as any "adult" show presently airing.


Nope, it's not Favre. Here's a few turds of human beings who personally screwed me over in the past year and beyond...First we have one Mr. Hogan Scott Courrier up in Marmosa, Canada. Owner of Geeks Galore Computer service store. This creep STOLE my artwork of my characters, "The 3 Geeks" that I did and has been using it for his store logo for the past 8 years illegally! I contacted him years ago in a very friendly way, even giving him the benefit of the doubt that it was an honest mistake, and asking him politely to remove the art. He refused and was quite the ass in doing so. He made many false claims on how he "obtained" the art and changed his story repeatedly over the next few years. I was finally forced to hire attorneys to pursue the matter legally and after many years and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (around $7K) out-of-pocket costs I won a decision in Canadian court! He was ordered to stop using the art and pay me for damages. He has done neither. The art is still on his storefront and he hasn't paid me a dime. And the court system up there is a joke. Apparently if I want to go after him for the money he owes I have to PAY MORE MONEY to hire collectors to pursue him. And getting the art off his store?!...short of going up there myself and painting over it I have no options. The courts up there are as useless as the courts down here! Which brings me to our next bunch of losers for 2010...


This batch of deadbeats rented our upper flat of our duplex in Wisconsin in late 2009 through early 2010. They were risky as their credit reports were peppered with various red flags, but after a very tearful "bearing of her soul" over the telephone we decided to give Jennifer and her family a second chance to get back on their feet. Damn me for having a soft heart, for these people proceeded to screw us out of thousands of dollars in rent and then, after a costly eviction process, proceeded to go ahead and trash our house on top of it. The filth they left behind was indescribable--including a major F**K YOU of leaving a pair of soiled woman's underwear in the washing machine and intentionally plugging up and burning out the drain and garbage disposal! They were also ordered to pay us back over $3K in damages and we were forced to garnish wages from Jennifer (as Bernie was fired from his job for undisclosed reasons. There was a burglary at his workplace just before his firing but he was not prosecuted for this crime as of my writing this) but the garnishing process is a JOKE! We have to file and re-file every 13 weeks, which also includes a filing fee of $130 each time, and we received a grand total of two payments from Jennifer's work to the tune of $140!!!

So watch out for these losers! And save yourself a lot of time and money when you face people like these. It's not worth going to court or hiring lawyers. They're neutered. Helpless and hapless. Just go grab the losers by the scruff of their necks and toss them out onto the streets and change the locks on the doors. Or go spray paint over their stolen logos. Sure, they might sue you...but apparently you don't have to really pay any restitution in this country even if you do lose. Or Canada! Trust me, it'd cost them a shitload of money to go after you...and losers like the Hewitt family or Hogan don't apparently have any money in the first place so they can't afford an attorney to go after you anyway.

And I will end this rant with my "BEST PERSON OF 2010" just so it's not a total downer of a blog.

STELLA ROSE KOSLOWSKI! Yep, she's the best and there's no debating it, folks. She kept me sane and as positive as I could possibly be. Her presence probably prevented me from killing the losers mentioned above as well...which wouldn't have been such a bad thing other than the prison time I'd have invariably faced.

Stella had a banner year as a great student and won two first places in two separate writing and art contests! She remains well-behaved and kind and caring towards others. I couldn't imagine a better daughter!

So even though there were a plethora of losers out there trying to tear me down Stella was there to more than compensate for their collected assholeishness and keep me on the positive side.

I will persevere thanks to her! and I look forward to a much better 2011.




Every once in awhile I'll peruse the local record stores or go onto iTunes to see if some old favorite group or singer has a new album out. Well, a few days back I was going through my collection of cds and came across one of our favorites by The Call...Red Moon. So as I listened it occurred to me that I hadn't looked in some time to see if they had anything new. Much to my surprise and shock I learned that founding member, lead singer Michael Been suddenly died of heart failure while touring with his son's band in Europe. As of the last time I looked the details weren't all in yet but the sadness was pretty devastating. We've been huge fans of The Call and Michael Been here at casa Koslowski since the late 80s! We have every album and they always rank among our all-time favorites. Their music has always been a magnificent blend of beauty, power and uniqueness that set them apart from most other bands. Michael's voice was distinct, smooth and powerful. Their lyrics smart, thought-provoking and often uplifting.

Michael was only 60 when he passed--far too young for such a talented person. We'll certainly miss him here. If you haven't yet discovered their wonderful music I highly recommend doing so. "Red Moon" and "Let The Day Begin" are great places to start and Michael's solo effort "On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown."

Yes we will miss him but we also honor his memory and celebrate what he's left behind.

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