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Welcome to my rants page. I'll cover issues about comics and anything else that I care to speak about.


January 27, 2015

Well Hello there!

Some of you may remember that I had to sue (tried to go the nice route first, I PROMISE you) a business owner up in Canada a few years ago for stealing the image of my 3 GEEKS characters and using it for his store logo, t-shirts, letterhead, website, etc. It took over 2 years, and thousands of my hard-earned dollars to take this numbnuts to court to prove that I had Copyright/ownership of the image, names and characters, and that he knowingly and willfully used the image without my permission.

I won.

He lost.

The Canadian Courts ordered him to stop using the image and to pay me $4,000 for my attorney fees, plus damages. He did neither.

My only course of action after he did neither was to, once again, hire a lawyer to go after him for the money. This, of …

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October 20, 2014

Greetings, True Believers!

After holding them near and dear to my heart for the past year and a half I have decided to let them go...

That's right, I am selling the two (three actually) covers I did for the ADVENTURE TIME Comic Book series. I did Variant covers for issues #11 and #18. The issue #11 cover I called "Ice King Attacks LSP!" and the #18 cover was called "Bouncy Jake!" I just put the Bouncy Jake watercolor original up on the website, and the other 2 will be up soon. I also have them up on ebay right now. In the coming days I'll also be posting the recent oil paintings I've done. So keep your eyes peeled for those.

Baby's gonna be going to college someday soon so I gotta start saving! In other news!... I just got the great news that I'm going to be part of the …

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May 06, 2014

Hello True Believers!

I will be, once again, doing the "dog and pony" show at this year's Big Wow! Comics Festival in San Jose, CA. The past 2 years that show has grown by leaps and bounds (over tall buildings one might even say) and I expect another terrific show this year. The show runs May 17-18th. Here's the website link if you want more info...

I'll be set up selling my own books and original artwork as well as selling art supplies as ART SUPPLIES, INK., my other full-time endeavor. If you didn't know my family and I opened an art supplies store in Aptos, CA last year. I also have a massive original piece that will be in the Big Wow! art auction. Thor vs Hulk! I had a blast drawing/inking this piece as the battle and ongoing debate over who's …

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WOW! Long time between blogs!

March 08, 2014

I wonder if anyone's still out there???

It has been faaarrr too long since my last blog entry. Been tremendously busy since opening our new store, ART SUPPLIES, INK., last year. Yep, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary just last week! It has been a very busy, very exhausting year, as, along with running the new store and all the stresses that entails, I also maintained my Archie Comics Inking duties, published and co-wrote/illustrtaed 3 issues of Zombies vs Cheerleaders, and coached my daughter's soccer and basketball teams. And then threw in a few conventions for kicks--as I am a glutton for punishment apparently. Oh yeah, I've also been adapting one of my books into a screenplay. Almost forgot that. There was an offer recently from a Hollywood studio on one of my properties and I …

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July 30, 2013


Alas, it has been far too long since I posted any blogs here on Apologies. Since my last post we've been neck-deep in opening the new shop, ART SUPPLIES, INK., getting the ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS comics up and running, had to fly to Fl to drive my folks back to WI after my dad had a mild stroke, our new store was robbed, then we had to move, then San Diego COMIC-CON, then my ladies took a trip to Wisconsin to visit relatives. So that summarizes a few months worth of blogs right there. I know the "nutshell" version isn't nearly as exciting as full details, sorry. That 3-4 months of mayhem might be a new book though! There's certainly enough material there...

Anyway, I also managed to land another ADVENTURE TIME gig! In addition to the first cover I did for …

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