New Graphic Novel Coming in 2022

Exciting News…! I have just signed a new contract with Top Shelf/IDW Publishing! My new Graphic Novel will be out in Summer/Fall of 2022! I am so incredibly excited!

This will be my fourth graphic novel with Top Shelf. I can’t divulge too many of the specific details yet, but I can say that, as of writing this, I am already halfway done with the book! It should clock in at around 100-120 pages and I will be handling everything myself as far as the Writing, Drawing, Inking, Coloring and Lettering!

These days you need one year lead time for marketing so that’s why we won’t be seeing the printed product until late Summer/Fall of 2022.

Here are a few “sneak peek” pages to whet your appetites…

And then, as I make progress on the book, and we near the release date, I’ll be posting more teasers and ordering info…