WOO-HOO…!!! I have recently unearthed several full boxes of my THE 3 GEEKS comics, in my storage facility (my parent’s basement) that I had completely forgotten were there–many of the boxes since 1997!!! Some of these issues I thought were SOLD OUT years ago!

So, here’s the deal… Imma blow ’em out! That’s hip lingo for “I’m having a huge sale on these comics.”

My very first self published issue was the famous (or Infamous) HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS IF YOU’RE A COMIC BOOK GEEK 40 page, full-color, one-shot that was released in 1997! Man, that was a long time ago. I thought I was down to my last 20-30 copies until this recent discovery. Nope. I got lots more!

The cover price on HOW TO… is $3.95. I’m going to go $2.00 per copy!

The other comics I found that are now drastically slashed are as follows:

THE 3 GEEKS: FULL CIRCLE 48 pages (2003) Reg price: $4.95 Sale price: $2.00

THE 3 GEEKS: 48 PAGE SUPER-SIZED SWIMSUIT SPECTACULAR (2004) Reg price: $4.95 Sale price: $2.00

THE 3 GEEKS: SLAB MADNESS! (2009) This was a 3 issue mini series. Reg set price: $8.97 Sale price: $4.00!

INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE 64 pages! Various creators (Christmas 2011) The 3 Geeks 8 page original story. Reg price $6.49 Sale price: $3.00!

And every issue purchased will be signed and I’m going to throw in a FREE copy of the 20 page, full color, mini-comic, JIM’S JERKY that I published in 2006! That is an extra $2 value. Because I can and because I care (and I found a box with 500 copies in it!).

Nuff said,