WOO-HOO…!!! I have recently unearthed several full boxes of my THE 3 GEEKS comics, in my storage facility (my parent’s basement) that I had completely forgotten were there–many of the boxes since 1997!!! Some of these issues I thought were SOLD OUT years ago! So, here’s the deal… Imma blow ’em out! That’s hip lingo … Read more

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F.A.R.M. SYSTEM: RAGE update!

Hello! It has been awhile since I’ve posted. Been busy busy busy with my duties as a Professor down at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (that’s right, a PROFESSOR! My mother never thought it’d be possible!), and then the holidays. BUT, the great news is that in the last 3 weeks I have … Read more



Hello and Happy Halloween! I am glad to announce that my Kickstarter campaign for my new Illustrated novel, MERCY, has just launched! Mercy is a 244 page Illustrated Horror Novel with 71 illustrations peppered throughout. It’s a 30 day Kickstarter with a goal of reaching $6,666 (see what I did there?) to cover the printing … Read more

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Yes, it’s true! After all these years (decades!) I am finally selling my first born! No, sillies, not my first HUMAN born baby…that would be ridiculous (and illegal)! I am selling my first born, first cover, to the very first issue of THE 3 GEEKS comic I gave birth to back in 1996. This is … Read more

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F.A.R.M. System Book 2!

Hola! It has been some time since I’ve posted any updates on cons, art, myself and my upcoming projects. The good news is that all of the above have been busy motoring along!!! I’ve attended several cons in the past few months, including the SPX this past weekend, and all of them have been terrific! … Read more

Comic Book Convention Schedule 2023

Ahhh…Spring is in the air with Summer quickly closing in. My role as Professor of Illustration at the prestigious Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) has just ended until school resumes in Fall. “What?” you ask…”You are a professor of Illustration, Rich?” Yes, yes I am! I also teach an elective course in Sequential … Read more


Happy 2023!!! MERCY MERCY me!!!

2022 was a busy, tumultuous, hectic, aggravating, exhausting and ultimately, rewarding year for me! Having produced a 208 page graphic novel in one of our country’s most topsy-turvy years in history was a challenging feat but I was very proud to have done it. Top Shelf/IDW was fantastic to work with and Chris Staros, once … Read more

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Moving Onward and Upward…

After my exciting (and exhausting) five day, four stops, Thanksgiving Week Book Signing Tour I am now gearing up for the next two stops–QUAD CON, DAVENPORT on Dec 10th & 11th in Davenport, Iowa. After that one I’ll be in Dallas, Texas on December 17th, set up at the awesome store, TITAN COMICS from 11-3pm! … Read more


Thanksgiving Book Tour!!!

I am off today to do a four city book signing tour! First stop: Tuesday, Nov 22, COMIC WORLD & GAMES in Dubuque, Iowa from 4-7pm. 2nd stop: Wednesday, Nov 23, KRYPTON COMICS in Omaha, Nebraska from 3-7pm. 3rd stop: Friday, Nov 25, MILE HIGH COMICS in Denver, CO from 11am-4pm. 4th stop: Saturday, Nov … Read more


Podcasts and Interviews

Hello True Believers! The fine fine folks over at the IDW Publishing PR department have been working like all heck to get me interviews and podcasts set up to promote my new book. It’s pretty cool! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the following interviews: Sequential Tart; The Pull Bag Podcast; Comic Crusaders Podcast; … Read more