Yes, it’s true! After all these years (decades!) I am finally selling my first born! No, sillies, not my first HUMAN born baby…that would be ridiculous (and illegal)! I am selling my first born, first cover, to the very first issue of THE 3 GEEKS comic I gave birth to back in 1996. This is the cover for the one-shot comic, HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS IF YOU’RE A COMIC BOOK GEEK, I self-published. It was so popular it lead to the ongoing The 3 Geeks series which has run 28+ issues and 4 trade paperbacks.

Why am I selling it?

Well, that’s simple. I am old and can’t hold onto this stuff forever. Plus, we want to remodel our kitchen. A kitchen remodel…lemme tell ya, it’s not cheap!

So, if you’re a fan of the book, this is it, the very start of it all. I am hoping one of my worthy readers nabs it and cherishes it as much as I have these past 27 years.

–Rich, the Proud Father