Happy 2023!!! MERCY MERCY me!!!

2022 was a busy, tumultuous, hectic, aggravating, exhausting and ultimately, rewarding year for me! Having produced a 208 page graphic novel in one of our country’s most topsy-turvy years in history was a challenging feat but I was very proud to have done it. Top Shelf/IDW was fantastic to work with and Chris Staros, once again, proved to be the editor/publisher of the year!

Thanks to all the people who supported my new book and the store owners who brought it in and brought me in for my end of the year book signing tour! I had a blast traveling throughout November and December to all the signings!

So, what will 2023 bring…? Well, we’re hoping (me and Top Shelf/IDW) to get back on course with convention appearances at the big shows this spring/summer/fall. SDCC, New York, Chicago, Toronto for the BIG cons and then the Indy shows like SPX and MOCCA.

And in between those cons I will be hard at work on my next graphic novel. I will also be releasing an Illustrated Novel called, MERCY, this fall! The book is finished and ready to roll! I will be attempting my first Kickstarter come Fall…stay tuned!!!

Happy New Year to you all! See you in the funny pages…