YAY! F.A.R.M. SYSTEM is off to the Printer!

My new graphic novel, F.A.R.M. STSTEM, has passed the final Printer Proofs stage and is now, officially at the Printer and ready to start rolling off the press! A small “tear of satisfaction” rolls down my left cheek (face) as I write this. It has been a long and very rewarding journey writing, illustrating, coloring and lettering this 208 page book. After finishing something that literally took years to finish I was left with a very “empty” feeling, of sorts…I was drained. I kind of putzed about the house, doing odds and ends, here and there…occasionally jotting down notes for my next book(s). It took a good two weeks to recover/re-energize. But re-energize I have!

I am hard at work on my next GN. And several other stories! All of a sudden my creative juices kicked back into high gear after being “drained” those couple/few weeks! It’s like a massive water dam that was completely shut down. And then my little Brain Elves cranked the main valve wide open and the water dam brain juice has been fully released! I hope it doesn’t drown the poor folks in the village below.

Anyway, F.A.R.M. SYSTEM is slated for an October/November release. Please keep your eyes peeled and remember, I am running a “Win Original Art Raffle” for anyone who pre-orders the book (see my last blog). You can order from the Penguin/Random House site right now, and in the coming weeks you will also be able to order from Diamond Comics Distributors, the Top Shelf/IDW website and my website! After you order just send me proof of purchase and your name and contact info. You’ll be placed in the raffle where I will randomly pull names and give away TEN PAGES of original Art from the book. Sweet!

I will also be attending many Comic Book conventions in the coming months where I will also take pre-orders.