Today, August 17th, is the last day to get in on the “WIN AN ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART” raffle! Anyone who pre-orders a copy of my upcoming, new graphic novel, F.A.R.M. SYSTEM, is eligible to win! Just order off the website here and that’s it, your name will be entered into the contest. I will randomly draw 10 winners!

That’s right, TEN winners! I’m giving away ten original pieces/pages of art from the book! Woo-Hoo!!! And they’ll be GOOD ones, don’t worry. So get in the game while there’s still time. Here’s one of the 10 pages I’ll be giving away…

fs bar scene 003 copy 1



In other news! I am booking a bunch of upcoming Cons and Store Signings. In October, the week of the new book’s debut, I will be doing in-store book signings at Krypton Comics in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, October 28th from 3-7pm. Then, on Saturday, October 29th I will be at the Mile High Mega Store in Denver, CO from 12-3pm! Since it’s also the weekend of Halloween I’ll have FREE Candy and Door Prizes for anyone who stops by and purchases a copy. I’ll also be doing sketches and have my other books and original art on hand.

I’m looking for a store in Iowa to do a signing on Thursday evening on my way to Omaha and Denver. If you are a store owner, and interested in setting this up give me a shout.

In December I will be signing at Titan Comics on Saturday, December 18th from 11am – 3pm. Same as above, if you’re a store owner in the Dallas area I am available for a Friday Night signing, just give me a shout and we’ll set it up!

By Odin!!!!