San Diego Comic-Con 2022

SDCC was fantastic! Or so I hear…I did not attend this year. Since my new book won’t be out for another 2 months I skipped SDCC this summer. But I will be there in 2023!!! Hooray!!! And by then I might have two new Graphic Novels! Yep, F.A.R.M. SYSTEM with Top Shelf/IDW and I have another book finished called MERCY GENERAL. If you like Monsters, mysterious portals, action and humor, and some pretty keen artwork, this book should satisfy! I am just deciding/debating whether or not to do a Kickstarter or go through a publisher. I am weighing the pros and cons right now but it will be ready by next summer.

In the meantime, there’s still time to pre-order F.A.R.M. SYSTEM and get included in my WIN ORIGINAL ART CONTEST! Everyone who pre-orders a copy will be eligible to win one of ten pages from the book. You can pre-order directly from this website, the Top Shelf website and the Penguin Random House website.

And all pre-ordered books from my website will be signed with a small sketch!