Great news! Since I was able to get all the edits done in a timely fashion, my upcoming graphic novel, F.A.R.M. SYSTEM, has been bumped up to an October 25th release date. While this is only a one week difference it means that I will have to book in my hands and available for a handful of Fall conventions. I’ve already booked two shows in October and two more in November. I am eager to get on the Con Circuit again! Can’t wait to see many of you out there!


I had a dream a couple nights ago…a Premonition if you will…I dreamt that the “initial numbers” on the book came in from my publisher, Chris Staros, and it was 15,426 copies! Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the world of Independent publishing, 15,426 copies ordered on a graphic novel would be fan-flipping-tastic! A more reasonable expectation would be somewhere around the 5,000 mark for initial sales. I would really like to reach Nostradamus type status, people. Help me out. Be a part of something mythical…! Magical…! Nostradamus-ical!!! You can LITERALLY be a part of a DREAM!!! How many people can say that?!?!?

F.A.R.M. SYSTEM is currently available for pre-order on the Penguin Random House website https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/711460/farm-system-by-rich-koslowski/ and is also now available on my website! It will also soon be available to order from the Top Shelf website and from Diamond Comics Distributors.

And remember to let me know if and when you do pre-order your copy! I am still taking names for my Art Contest! I will be giving away 10 original Pages of art from the book, randomly, for anyone who pre-orders before August 17th. For details see my previous post.

Oh, and by the way, Book 2 of F.A.R.M. SYSTEM is outlined and about 1/3 written as of writing this blog! I also have an Illustrated novel called, MERCY GENERAL, completed and will be launched in the near future! Lots of fun goodness on the horizon…